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Get well soon Christian

It was one of the most shocking things I and most of us have seen during a football match.

Those pictures of Christian Eriksen’s legs shaking as medical staff gave him CPR surrounded by his distraught team mates won’t leave our memories for a long while.

Thankfully, and in all honesty quite remarkably, the 29-year Dane lay today awake and stable in hospital.

That the cameras continued to roll and then focused on Eriksen’s naturally distressed partner was pretty barbarous. I mean the cameras are quick as lightning to pan away if a fat bloke streaks across a football pitch. It was a bizarre situation to keep filming, whoever’s decision it was.

These days it is very hard to relate to footballers on a human level, particularly the world’s best. They are just extraneous individuals that exist on a different social plane that we cast opinions on. Often negatively.

Yet, yesterday’s scenes were harrowing and humbling and reminded us that life can change in an instant.

The English referee, Anthony Taylor, the medical staff and the incredible quick thinking and bravery of captain Simon Kjaer saved Eriksen’s life. Kjaer who then consoled Eriksen’s other half is a hero.

How the Danish and Finnish players managed to go back out and play a football match is extraordinary to me, but they did. The result insignificant.

Whilst the players carried on playing I couldn’t watch the remainder of the match even though it was played with Eriksen’s blessing and for those fantastic fans that had stayed throughout the trauma. It was no surprise to see the Dames lose, but I truly hope they bounce back.

Christian Eriksen too, of course. Stay strong Christian and I hope you make a full recovery.

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  1. Chris Newman #

    As a true football fan I found this very traumatic. I wish ChristIan an early and full recovery.

    June 13, 2021

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