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Adkins Q&A

I signed up to listen to Nigel Adkins CAST Q&A yesterday. It was a fast paced 90 minutes, better than many our games this season to be fair, and I’d like to thank the Trust team for setting the whole thing up and bringing Nigel from his Hampshire country home into our computers.

Nigel said that he got the phone call about the job out of the blue, presumably from Ged Roddy and then he had a Zoom interview with Thomas, and you can absolutely see how these two men hit it off from either side of the pond.

I said that from the begnning as I also also did that Adkins is a Charlton-type appointment. If you had to describe what a Charlton manager should feel and look like, then Nigel is fully wrapped with a Charlton tag on it.

But man can he talk, there was no such thing as a short answer but he was engaging, intelligent and holds the attention. It is easy to see why he has had previous successes on the field and built a good reputation off it.

The positivity, the prose, the metaphors and quotes could become tiresome, and it probably will do after a 4-0 defeat, but Adkins’ engagement is infectious and natural, never patronising, and I am starting to think that he like Thomas will give us something to believe in.

For those that missed the Q&A, I would expect that the CAST will put up some notes on it’s website in due course, but even better join the CAST.

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  1. NorfolkRed #

    Next season, whatever league Charlton are in -although l fully expect it to be League 1 (but l hope differently, of course – Thomas, Nigel and Steve Gallen are going to be fully tested on the recruitment front. Thomas has expressed some serious ambitions for the club in the next decade and Nigel will be under huge pressure to deliver. The following song lyrics best define what will be required!

    I got my mind set on you
    I got my mind set on you
    But it’s gonna take money 
    A whole lotta spending money
    It’s gonna take plenty of money
    To do it right, Thomas
    But it’s gonna take time
    A whole lot of precious time
    It’s gonna take patience and time
    To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it
    To do it right
    I got my mind set on you
    I got my mind set on you

    Good luck on Sunday and for next season too. Let’s hope its in the Championship. COYR!

    May 7, 2021

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