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Charlton Athletic 1 Shrewsbury Town 1

That followed this season’s script didn’t it?

Plenty of huff and puff, the occasional bum off the seat moment, more hands over the eyes moments, saw plenty of the ball, but were sloppy and showed no real goal threat, and then there was another defensive lapse costing a goal.

Gunter has 99 international caps. One of life’s mysteries.

I do get a bit fed up with the obsession of playing Pratley and Watson. They make our midfield so predictable and pedestrian. Away from home for a battling point? I get it. At home to point seeking Shrewsbury? Bewildering.

First half I thought we were alright without looking like scoring. Morgan and Stockley came closest. But we remained patient kept the ball better than recently and moved the ball quickly. We should have created more chances.

2nd half we reverted to self. They scored at a bad time, and had something to cling onto, and then you ever wonder if we are going to get one, let alone two.

Chuks hit the bar when he should have scored, but then Washington got a goal out of nothing. That’s his 10th goal from 24 starts, and is just about our most consistent performer at present.

The subs helped, Shinnie was bright but at the end frankly we were lucky to keep the point as defensively we looked desperate to give it away. If Chuks should have scored, then they should have scored twice at the end.

“I said at half-time go and do what we had done in the first half but we didn’t. We stopped causing them problems and creating chances. We slowed down for whatever reason.” – Lee Bowyer

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Norfolk Red #

    I totally agree with your summary CA. Bows has said in his post match interviews that it drives him crazy that Charlton keep making mistakes at both ends of the pitch while in the middle the team runs out of steam. Well it drives me mad too! Playing both a 35 and a 36 yr old in midfield probably has a lot to do with it. Also, both are prone to picking up cards for silly fouls. Together they are a liability and their powers of recovery are fading fast Once Pratley got a yellow card l felt sure with his track record it wouldn’t be long before he got sent off – again. Two defensive midfielders at home, against Shrewsbury ffs !! In the absence of JFC there was very little creativity. Bows said Morgan looked tired. You don’t say? He was the one providing the legs in midfield! How long is it going to take before Bows realises that Watson and Pratley as an attacking force are ineffectual. As for Gunter, he was younger and quicker when he amassed his 99 caps for Wales. I much prefer Matthews or Deji at RB and believe they offer more in both boxes. Two more points dropped and with each passing game the play-offs seem to be getting further and further away.

    March 13, 2021
  2. Mike #

    You couldn’t be more right both CA & NR. Morgan was our best midfielder by far but you need JFC with him not too old men who are past their prime in football terms, including Gunter who continually makes mistakes but Bowyer never ever pulls him up about it!
    The real concern is, Watson is taking up his option to play next season, and will be 37, Gunter I believe has another year to go, he will be 36 and I am positive Bowyer will offer Pratley, his favourite all round player, another year and he will be 36. So we will have all these old codgers who run out of steam, continually getting yellow cards, giving away many more free kicks and cheap goals as Bowyers main plan of rebuilding the squad!!!
    Plus would they even put the energy & effort they have left in them, for their final hurrah, as they wouldn’t want to get any bad injury in their retirement year!

    March 13, 2021
    • Re Watson – nice job if you can get it. I don’t like to cast aspersions but this little move to our corner of London suits him quite nicely. Pratley to be fair has his uses and truly seems to care and has paid his dues time and again (Donny goal one example). If he stays then it has to help mentor a new bright and young side put together.

      March 13, 2021
  3. Bob Miller #

    Am totally in agreement with the comments above on continually playing over-the-hill “Clutch” and “Grab” at midfield, plus Gunter and Pearce deep. The team needs the energy, work rate and commitment of younger players.
    Lee Bowyer says………….
    “I said at half-time go and do what we had done in the first half but we didn’t. We stopped causing them problems and creating chances. We slowed down for whatever reason.” – Lee Bowyer
    I would suggest it’s about time he figured out the frigging “reason” and much of it has to do with his choice of midfielders.

    March 13, 2021
  4. Daggs #

    And it will continue until the seasons end………………If Bowyer is here next season? Heaven forbid.
    TS needs to wake up.

    March 13, 2021
  5. fatbloke60 #

    Not much to say, same as usual,agree with all above comments.LB is a true CAFC man but he seems blinkered with his selections,maybe it’s the best he can do but to get out of this League we need someone with a little more experience and the knowledge to know when to change things on the field and get the best out of the players during the match. The systems and plans we go on the field with,obviously going by the results do NOT work and need to be changed.This season is finished and unfortunately with the same personal I cannot really see next season being something to look forward too,and with lockdown hopefully coming to a end and supporters being allowed back into grounds,what’s being served up at present will not get people flocking to the Valley. TS must give this some serious consideration.

    March 14, 2021
  6. rierti #

    Loan players Stockley and Millar look useful but permanent signings Schwarz and DJ only look like squad players at best, Why not give Barker, Mingi and Quiterna from the U23s the chance to show what they can do as there are too many veterans in the team and the prospect of promotion has gone. Gunter, Watson will have little to offer next season and although Pratley has served us well he has lost pace, and should be used as cover for central defence not midfield.
    When I saw the team selected for the game I knew we would struggle without JFC and so it proved. Morgan is back after another bout of LB criticism and did well again but we did not have enough energy in midfield.
    The club claims to have ambition but the actions taken on the playing side do not inspire confidence, however, the business and administrative side of the club under TSs direct control seem to be moving in the right direction. TS strikes me as someone worthy of respect as he deals with things in a competent manner.

    March 14, 2021

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