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Marcus Maddison next out

Sky Sports are reporting that the missing Marcus Maddison has been found in Bolton, with Wanderers prepared to take him off our hands.

The 27-year old has played 8 games for us, and got injured falling over a blade of grass in his last appearance at home to Accrington Stanley. The will he, won’t he come good conversation looks about to be redundant as Sandgaard, Bowyer and Gallen push that swing door even harder.

Whichever way you look at that, it is quite a bizarre move.

Thomas had an early start Mountain Time, U.S.A, this morning, and looks as if the first job was cut a big chunk out of the budget.

The move for Crewe midfielder Charlie Kirk also looks to have hit the buffers due to a meddling agent which has upset the hierarchy at The Railwayman.

Looks to be an interesting six and a half hours ahead.

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  1. David Evans #

    Marcus Maddison has so much talent he let’s himself down big-time. He has come un-stuck at Charlton thinking that he can rule the roost. No player is bigger than our club, Bowyer barks this at each player that does not try hard. Bolton are League Two now so Marcus is on the downward slope.

    February 1, 2021
  2. rierti #

    If he goes he will be no loss. I was always of the opinion that he was a poor signing his behaviour at Peterborough and Hull last season sent out serious warning signals that Bowyer and Gallen failed to recognise. The only downside is if we are unable to replace him before the deadline the squad will be short in numbers, maybe Quiterna deserves a chance as he has improved significantly this season.

    February 1, 2021
  3. Shadow Play #

    He had to be persuaded to talk to Charlton last January, for whatever reason he made it clear that he wanted to stay up north. That came after he threw his toys out the pram at Peterborough and then with signed for Hull, but when they were in trouble and facing relegation he walked out on them. At the time CA I think you voiced the opinion of many of us that we had “dodged a bullet” by not signing him.

    Since coming to Charlton he has never looked anything other than out of place – my take, backed up with zero evidence, is that when his other options died that a move to Charlton suddenly looked a good idea but he wasn’t going to do anything stupid like get a long-term injury by trying too hard so he did the bare minimum. All those injuries, illnesses etc barely masked a poor attitude.

    February 1, 2021
  4. daggs #

    As I was saying in the previous post from Chicago Addick……………………..
    Maddison is a game changer/winner. There was blatantly a personality clash with Bowyer. Hence Bowyer calling him out publicly more than once. How can you expect any player to want to play for Bowyer when he gets slagged off to all and sundry.
    As every day goes by, the more I despair at Bowyers idiocy and incompetence.

    February 1, 2021
    • I think it’s important to look at all the clubs he’s had issues with, rather than blame Bowyers lack of diplomacy.

      The club took a chance, it hasn’t worked out, it takes more than one to make a pigs ear 👂!

      February 1, 2021
    • Shadow Play #

      One of the incidents that Bow called him out on was his pulling out of a tackle. I’d expect Bow to say something about that – either publicly or in private. Besides that Maddison never really looked bothered, at Peterborough he had a reputation for getting stuck in, scoring goals, registering assists etc, for whatever reason he doesn’t look anywhere near the same player. Football is a team game, but he never looked a team player at Charlton. If he goes – good luck to him. We were the wrong club for him.

      February 1, 2021
  5. danny benstead #

    Is phill Parkinson back in charge loads of loan players no decent signings

    February 1, 2021

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