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I was heartened to see a new fanzine appear this month. I ordered a copy and had it sent to my Mum for review, as I can’t get it sent here, but I’ve already read many positive comments on My Only Desire.

There can never be enough independent Addicks content, and from a Blogging perspective there is a just a few of us hardy souls left these days led by the evergreen Wyn Grant, who was tapping on his keyboard way before I started in 2004.

In fact most of us regular bunch have been around for a while, and we’ve seen many start, speed off the grid, and then give up. We also lost one of our members last year, the irreplaceable Doctor Kish.

One of the comments I saw on My Only Desire was that there was a lot in that first issue, and one wondered how they will continue to fill their pages. Believe me that is not always easy, although in the last decade there has been more than enough subject matter if you were willing to look beyond the pitch.

A magazine is a big commitment, whereas Blogging ‘is only’ a commitment of time. For me writing has always been an outlet, an escape and a pastime, but time is precious and things like work and family take priority, especially as they bring important stuff like salary and happiness.

Anyway there was a point to all of this. 2020 for me was a record year for Chicago Addick, recording more daily visits than at any time in the 16 years since I started.

There was an awful lot of Charlton activity last year, which has to spawn memoirs in the future from those much closer to it than me. There were crazy days last year when I just couldn’t keep up, mind you nor could the Official Site, but it would be nice to have less Charlton off the field drama to record in 2021.

I write less non-Charlton stuff these days, and a global pandemic has definitely curtailed those creative juices but I’d like to broaden the horizons again on the Blog time and travel permitting.

One thing is for sure, without your continued clicks to read my musings and generous comments, this freewheeling Addick would have hung his keyboard up a long time ago.

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  1. Robin Rapley #

    Brilliant site, always an interesting read, many thanks.

    February 1, 2021

    You do a grand job keeping on top of things and write fairly and concisely. I prefer the more measured helicopter view here over the instant emotion of the forums or Twitter. I ordered MOD and it looks and feels great. There is so much in there. I’d have included 40% less and made room for a bigger font but admire the commitment. Let’s support them and see how they do. It’s a brave time to launch and I hope they survive until they can sell on match days.

    February 1, 2021
    • Thanks Simon. Agree on MOD. Good luck to the team over there. They have some good people working on it.

      February 1, 2021
  3. Jonathan Ridley #

    Well done Chicago Addick. I always enjoy your blog – to me it is a reasoned logical voice in the world of the completely illogical “thing” that is Charlton Athletic FC.

    February 1, 2021

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