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When Stoke come calling

With a hop, skip and a jump and a dodgy hamstring Alfie Doughty has hot-wheeled it to the Potteries. Wrap up warm Alfie.

Good luck to him and I hope his injury doesn’t hamper his one real attribute, his pace. It’s a crying shame that young players these days can just about make a season before their heads are turned and can’t wait to get out of the door.

At least in the days of Thomas Sandgaard we fight for a decent deal, putting the future of the club over immediate reward for the owner. Duchatelet often touted our young players around to add a quick few euros to his bank account.

The fee is rumoured to be worth £650,000. Alfie doesn’t sound like he will play much of the rest of this season and hence why he won’t be coming back on loan.

In the meantime the player Bowyer talked about trying to get in the door this week is Preston striker Jayden Stockley. The 27-year old has being playing regularly in The Championship this season.

Sandgaard has also seen a £1m bid for young midfielder Joel Randell turned down by Exeter City. Yes, a one million pound!

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  1. Norfolk Red #

    I terminated my long term Valley Gold membership a year after Duchatelet’s purchase of the club because l was sick of the constant stream of young talent that was being sold off, usually way below the true market value. I feel my decision has been vindicated. I think the club should at least be more transparent about the size of the sell on fee, if only to placate and value the many fans who still retain VG membership.

    January 22, 2021

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