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Football has gone

🥳 Bonkers. The Premier League was like the last day of school today and I loved it.

Football without fans has had a dramatic impact on games and results, and has levelled the playing field in so many ways, yet today’s events were imaginable.

I have to track down a recording of James Alexander Gordon reading the results, just to hear his melodious tone, and to make sure the games I watched from the couch actually happened.

Before my time but it always appeared to me that high scoring games were very common in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. If you ever see a newspaper clipping the Addicks were often slapping 7 (SEVEN) past Liverpool 🤣, but this kind of madness is pre-WWI.

You couldn’t help be made up for Dean Smith, a Villa fan and Jack Grealish as well, who has not always made the best decision, but there is much to admire in him, and his decision to stay with the club he supports and has been with since he was six puts him head and shoulders above other young players who get dominated by agents and move on at the first head turn.

Galling that no one was in Villa Park, or elsewhere, to watch the games. The Holte End would have shaken to it’s core.

Even the much fancied Brentford today shipped four goals in 18 second half minutes to Preston.

One quick sentence to finish on yesterday’s Leeds and Man City game. Beautiful chaos wasn’t it? From two of the world’s greatest tacticians. Loved it and in many ways those 90 minutes was the prologue for what we have seen in the EPL this season.

Football has gone and I don’t want it back.

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  1. James Alexander Gordon is dead I’m afraid

    October 5, 2020
    • He did?

      Just looked it up. Retired in 2013 and died a year later of cancer. RIP

      October 5, 2020

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