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Hurricane Teddy

It’s beyond me how this 21 square mile island can get hit twice in a week by two different hurricanes occupying the 41,000,000 square mile Atlantic Ocean!

Like buses or supposed Charlton owners. Last Monday Paulette, today Teddy.

Teddy is this hurricane season’s 19th named storm, we have now by the way for just the second time since records began exhausted the alphabet and now on the Greek letters, with Beta about to crawl into Texas.

The Atlantic sub-tropical storm season has another 10 weeks to run!

While Paulette came straight over the top of us, Teddy at least will miss us expecting to pass later this morning on our eastern side about 100 miles away. Nonetheless the island will still feel the impact of the 105 mph CAT 2 force winds.

Waves higher than 20 feet were lashing the coast here today and beaches were suffering more washouts, and roads were very flooded. Waves and swells are caused by high winds blowing across the top of the ocean, and they’re expected to peak at 30 feet. Waves closer to the storm itself have been measure at 40 feet.

My daughter was most upset when her surfing lesson was cancelled yesterday afternoon 🏄‍♀️🤢.

So, the house is once again all shuttered up and all of the patio furniture inside. The wind is starting to sound a little fierce. See you on the other side.

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