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Carry on camping

A national holiday in Bermuda today and tomorrow, as the island celebrate’s Cup Match, a cricket game between sides from the two ends of the island battling it out over two days to win de Cup.

For 118 years this battle of wits has occurred at this time of the year, never stopping for war or strife, but sadly like all the world’s major sporting events Bermuda Cup Match 2020 was cancelled.

Just a week ago the government relinquished the midnight curfew and allowed overnight camping, which is huge here over this weekend. Tents are pitched on every roadside and roundabout and locals literally move everything out of their homes and live in a tent for a few days. BBQ’s, pets, DJ boxes and generators to work a fridge and pump out A/C are all present. Humidity is currently about 90% by the way.

It will be interesting to see how the 50 maximum group COVID restriction works this weekend as parks, beaches and the water are sure to be rammed with people desperate to be outside to make their own fun without the regular festivities.

Personally there will be no camping, but we will get outside, jump in the water and entertain friends. Two days off is very welcome. Work has been incessant, and I have been completely incapable off separating home and work since we closed our office in early March.

That’s for another day, I’m off to see if the generator works.

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