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Oh Albie

I am on a self imposed social media ban. The negativity is caustic. Anyways it was bought to my attention that Albie Morgan has come under criticism for his ‘liking’ Karlan Grant’s post gloriously celebrating Huddersfield’s 4-0 win on Saturday.

I always thought of Morgan older than his years, but publicly approving to Grant’s finger to lips action was rather stupid. He has since unliked what he liked, so guess that’s okay.

As for Grant, he has had some dogs abuse on social media from Charlton fans, but the football club was good to him and stuck by him in the summer when he was arrested in Ibiza. Lee Bowyer in particular did him a huge service, not that I ever imagine Bows sitting on his couch scrolling through Twitter in his spare time.

Last week was not a good week, but a relegation battle was exactly what we expected and is what we’ve got. Let’s not shirk our responsibilities. Keep backing the boys. We need each other.

Mind you for long periods tonight Middlesbrough were the latest to take on the roll of Brazil 1970, but fortunately Grabban equalized late.

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