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David Davis makes it three midfielders

Funny isn’t it? In the summer we were like ‘jeez Bow loves signing a midfielder’ and then we ended the year playing 19-year old’s in there alongside the Duracell battery that is Darren Pratley.

Bowyer signed three more midfielders today, two very experienced ones and another young prospect ripe for improving.

To much fall out on Birmingham fan sites, David Davis signed on loan until the end of the season. I feel the club was trying to make this permanent but run out of time.

All good, but let me get a gripe out of the way first.

Now, I’m loving, at least for the moment, Matt Southall’s interaction with the fan base. After the aphonic Jimenez, Slater and Duchatelet, this is all very new to us, especially with the added factor of social media. I have no doubt that Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony is Southall’s mentor in this respect, but Matt needs to take some courses in expectation management.

In such elevated positions, people believe what you say. Why shouldn’t they? I don’t knock the intentions, but I don’t know if he’s ever ran large businesses or had many people work for him previously, but water down the grand promises. This is Charlton not Barcelona and football fans are gullible folk. Understated and decisive are good traits.

Four loan signings in the window, that’s six and only five can make a match day squad, but with our injury record and Bowyer liking to rotate, this shouldn’t cause us too many issues. No transfer fee spent, but known bids were made, and January is notoriously a shocking window, and one in which band-aid marque signings can end up being expensive flops.

And, I suspect under Duchatelet we would never have paid the loan fees/wages of players like McGready and Davis. So a sign of more affluence but I somehow suspect we won’t be the next Man City.

The only target is safety as it was in the summer. Are we stronger now than we were in the summer? Possibly slightly in that we have more experience around the squad. In our position we need foot soldiers and men, as Bow would call them. Davis fits that bill. And Lyle Taylor is still in the building. A huge influence and leader on the pitch and in the stands.

How we’d love Lyle to keep banging in the goals. Come on Lyle etch yourself into legendary status and get that big summer move you deserve, if that’s how it pans out.

Jonny Williams, Josh Cullen, Sam Field and Macauley Bonne will burst back like new signings. Oztumer, Aneke, Hemed and Lapslie all have time to make significant contributions. Hopefully JFC, Amos and Page can too. Then in Alfie Doughty we have unearthed a diamond.

Thank f*ck January is over. Let’s move on. Together. COYA.

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  1. Steve #

    Nice summary
    Yep, understated and decisive always good but can’t knock the infectious enthusiasm, will just take some getting used to, particularly for our generation
    No issue with loans but question the wisdom of not strengthening a defense that’s kept one clean sheet in 18. Probably ok up top but those late goals, second half switch offs and set piece fragility will keep us looking over our shoulders until May I think
    And no, we won’t be the next City and let’s face it, we’re Charlton, wouldn’t want it any other way (except the Belgian’s way)

    February 1, 2020
  2. The club are happy with the business, time to male the fans happy who have only seen one win since October, starting today against Barnsley.

    February 1, 2020
  3. rierti #

    We have 6 players on loan after yesterday 5 are midfielders and 1 Bowyer is hoping to make into a striking option although up to now has been used in wide midfield by Aston Villa. I think we needed at least one full/wing back and one central defender. Pratley will probably be used in a more defensive role as he can play in the centre of a back three when required. Cullen could be used further up field as a playmaker. It will be interesting to see how the midfield shapes after a few games.
    The best news is that Taylor is still with us. Who will be his striking partner? I would love to see Davison because like Taylor he has an high energy game.

    February 1, 2020
  4. howard lambie #

    Lots of fans complain about our defence but our goal difference is far and away the best of the six teams fighting relegation.

    February 5, 2020

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