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My 2019 Top Five Favourite TV Shows

I love a good TV series like the next man. There is so much good stuff about these days and with Disney joining Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others in competing with all the mainstream providers there is a battle for good content.

So, onto my next 2019 Top Five picks and my Top Five Favourite TV Shows that I watched in 2019, which doesn’t mean at all that they were all first aired last year.

1. Narcos seasons 1, 2 and 3
I was late to this, put off a little by the subtitles, but once I settled down to it I couldn’t get enough. I didn’t get into the Mexican spin off as much but the Colombian seasons 1-3 based on Pablo Escobar’s drug dominance was peerlessly told and acted.

2. After Life
Ricky Gervais playing a suicidal widower is often tough to watch, that is in between the chuckling, but the short 6 episodes are one hell of an emotional journey. Season two is in the works.

3. Succession 1 and 2
A masterful tale of a squabbling family based, probably, on the Murdoch’s. There is some tremendous character acting in these two seasons especially from the aging patriarch Brian Cox. A dark, funny and a painfully honest look at wealth, power and how that can wreck families.

4. Handmaids Tale 2 and 3
This is an incredible series which is candidly quite disturbing at times. There are no unicorns and smiling selfies here, it’s a brutal telling of a violent and oppressive dystopian society. Truly brilliant television and Elizabeth Moss is a great actress.

5. Chernobyl
Compulsive viewing. A miniseries based on one of the world’s worst ever human-made disasters. I binged through this riveting and thorough historical analysis of this gruesome disaster.

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