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Charlton Athletic 2 Hull City 2

Devastating. The 5th time this season we have conceded a goal in injury time, the second time in a few days! `

Now we have to defend that, we have play to the final whistle, and we invited pressure, perhaps inevitably with nothing on the bench to affect any real change. But how thoroughly gut-wrenching was Hull’s 96th minute goal, scored after the allocated five minutes of injury time!

It was however a much better performance, the harrying, the closing down and the hustle of a Bowyer team was back. More guts, better movement. We didn’t create many good chances, but we were much livelier going forward and Sarr finished a very good team move to remind us of what we can do as an attacking team.

Leko was excellent, Pratley worked his socks off and Gallagher as influential as we’ve seen previously.

So lots of positives and fantastic backing from The Valley crowd, but what an excruciating way to start the weekend.


Addicks at a devastated Valley: Doctor Kish;
Bow: “We didn’t defend until the final whistle. That’s where we went wrong. You think we’d learn after Tuesday when the same thing happened. They scored with thirty seconds to go then and then tonight they scored in the injury time of injury time.”
Photo: Paul Edwards

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  1. rierti #

    Yes a far better team effort and we deserved the win. Both goals conceded were poor. Both crosses from the right and finished at the far post one on the ground one in the air. The second was particularly bad as we conceded a free kick wide on our left near the half way line (Purrington) which was initially cleared to the right of goal and then crossed to the far post where Purrington was out jumped the firm downward header from seven yards was nearly saved by Phillips but the wet ball squirmed from his grasp into the net. Although technically an own goal by Phillips the principal culprit was Purrington.
    Have you noticed when Morgan is substituted by a defensive midfielder the final result is nearly always worse than when Morgan leaves the action. Oshilaja was a lost soul when he came on and as usual we paid the penalty.
    Great result by the U18s against West Ham in the F.A. Youth Cup 3-3 at full and after extra time we went on to win 5-4 in the penalty shoot-out Most of our players were 16 and 17 yrs old some are very promising its the best squad we have had for years. Hopefully we can keep the best and obviously keeping Championship status would help..

    December 14, 2019
    • Purrington is starting to struggle at this level unfortunately.

      Yes. Great result from U18’s. More future prospects hopefully.

      December 14, 2019
  2. Alan Oaked #

    So here I was (California) in my car at the hospital waiting to go in for a colonoscopy and it was the 93rd minute and was reading the Sky tape on line ..All was good, tape said Chartlton was comfortably holding them off. I needed to go and just closing car door and ding from sofa score that always seems to be a minute ahead of Sky and my first thought is s**t ( that I had thought I had got rid of;)) Hull have scored and yes they had…..after all this is Charlton.!!!

    OMG — just imagine if we had kept just half of the 17 points we have lost from winning positions. We just seem to go in defensive move everytime we have a lead and keep paying the price…yes devastating

    December 14, 2019
  3. Shadow Play #

    Around 20 minutes from the final whistle we went into defence mode, Morgan was subbed off and Oshilaja cam on to shore up the back four and from then on we seemed to invite Hull to attack so while the 96th minute goal was gutting it was partly self-inflicted. Sometimes the best form of defence is attack and we could have counter attacked a bit more in the last quarter. Annoyingly both goals could have been cut out, Pearce (I think it was ) failed to intercept a through ball to the back post and then Purrington simply didn’t get goal side of the attacker for the second. But a better team performance even if we are still lacking the creativity that Cullen and Williams bring.

    December 14, 2019

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