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Charlton Athletic 0 Huddersfield Town 1

That was dreadful. On an dreary weather night Charlton got what they absolutely deserved. Nothing. No redeeming features, no excuses.

We can’t keep blaming injuries. Huddersfield had a load out injured as well. It was an utter rubbish performance and Bowyer needs to quickly sort it out because what can often takes years to build can be dismantled in weeks, and none of us want to see that. At all.

Bowyer has more than enough earned our support and patience, and all the time we are playing like one of the teams he has built and characterizes, but not winning, then that is troubling, but at the end of the day, we accept that this is a tough league and we will lose games, and we back him and the players.

Yet the last two performances have been nothing short of disgraceful. Better times maybe ahead, but Bowyer and the players just can’t wait for it to happen. They have to truly grab the opportunity. Please!

Addicks at a dismal Valley: Drinking During the Game; Doctor Kish; Blackheath Addick.
Bow: “We didn’t get anything that we deserved from the game today.”

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  1. LP #

    But this is exactly where I expected us to be CA – what was achieved at the start of the season was miraculous given, for the umpteenth time, the new personnel coming in. Just look at where a lot of our players came from – I for one am not surprised that we are finding it hard. But I have faith in Bowyer that it will improve again. All I ask is that we stay in this division.

    December 11, 2019
    • I know, I know. And I didn’t get wrapped up in the euphoria and maybe I’m little too down on the downer. Results are one thing, but what I have come to expect is fight and determination.

      December 11, 2019
  2. I felt just as deflated as you CA. It’s great that we beat the likes of Leeds and Brentford early in the season but to lose all the 6 pointers against the likes of Luton, Middlesbrough and Huddersfield is depressing.

    I found it baffling that Lyle Taylor was ready for 45 minutes up at Middlesbrough yet only ready for 20 minutes last night. The lift his introduction had on the team when he came on was obvious to everyone.

    Chris Solly may be a Charlton stalwart but I’m sorry, our 3rd choice right back for me. The way he gives away possession so cheaply is embarrassing and of course was fatal last night for the Huddersfield goal.

    This is the first time in Lee Bowyer’s managerial career that he’s gone through this. I hope he has a mentor like an Alan Curbishley who he can lean on for some support/advice.

    December 11, 2019
    • That’s a good point tex. The management team are all learning. I wonder if Peacock offers a shoulder?

      December 11, 2019
  3. rierti #

    I think last night was the worse performance I have seen for many years. Despite the injury situation I think Bowyer is making some questionable decisions, Ledley starting on Saturday was
    not right and last night using Vennings as sub rather than Morgan was wrong. As you know I regularly watch the U18s and U23s. Vennings is promising as he is quite good technically but at this point in time is not physically ready.Morgan came on as a sub on Saturday and got good comments from many people who saw the game, but no encouraging comments from Bowyer.

    December 11, 2019
    • I assume in Bowyer’s desire to rotate, Morgan was ‘rested’.

      December 11, 2019
      • rierti #

        I assume your remark is tongue in cheek – why would you rotate a fit 19yr old who only played half a game on Saturday and if he was used as a sub last night would have only played about 20 mins. If Davison had not picked up an injury whilst playing for the U23s on Monday (we won 2-0 and he scored both goals) he would probably have been on the subs bench and may have been used. Hopefully Davison will be available for bench duties on Friday as the injury was a cut to the head so he should recover relatively quickly. A player who is catching the eye in the U23s is Jay Mingi who we signed in the Summer from West Ham. He is a strong pacey central defender who might be able to adapt to a full back role,he probably needs a bit more time but he has the physical presence,which Vennings lacks.

        December 11, 2019
  4. Shadow Play #

    A disappointing game, we have really missed our creative midfield duo – Josh Cullen and Jonny Williams, since they’ve been out the number of chances we have created has fallen dramatically. I thought we were a tad unlucky in that Lyle Taylor’s goal was disallowed – it was a very tight decision and I’m not 100% convinced that Sarr was offside in the build up, teams that struggle always seem to get these things going against them. Other than that a poor performance, we have (or are about to get new owners once the details are sorted), so there’s a lot to play for but the players don’t seem to be grasping the opportunity to impress their new bosses.

    December 11, 2019
    • And this is it. If my new boss was sitting watching me I’d be trying to impress. Since Mr Southall has become a fan we’ve been bloody awful.

      December 11, 2019
      • Shadow Play #

        My gut feeling at the time was that the header from Sarr was legit – but that’s life, sometimes these tight calls go your way,yesterday’s didn’t and the theory is that they eventually balance out.

        The recent performances have uncomfortably reminded me of the last few before Parkinson got the tin-tack, his tenure IIRC ended with a 4-2 home defeat to Swindon and a gutless, clueless display in front of new owners watching their first match as proprietors. Like you I would be trying to impress and I’m not seeing enough from the players. We’ve had a tough run of games where we seemed to be playing top six clubs every week, the squad was admirable in the way they attacked those fixtures but since then we’ve had a few matches against teams at the other end of the table and the hard work earlier in the season should be paying off. On this experience we could be in for a busy transfer window. And to remove any doubt I am not advocating getting in a new manager, Bow and team stay as far as I’m concerned but maybe an experienced older head could be recruited to offer him some advice.

        December 11, 2019

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