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CARD raised £60,000

There were many incredible Addicks involved with the various anti-Duchatelet protest groups, which were connected under the umbrella of CARD. I knew a fair few of the volunteers, some better than others, and many can tell some fantastic, funny and enlightening stories of kinship and fortitude.

It wasn’t only a steely determination that struck me about these Addicks, but it was also their creativity and boundless enthusiasm to find time to help in any small way they could to bring the club back from where Roland Duchatelet and his various hangers on were taking it.

Of course Charlton fans have a history of fighting adversity, it’s in our DNA, and once again Addicks fought for what is right, and for our kids and their kids to be able to continue whatever it is that drew us all in the first place to little old Charlton.

I saw today that Charlton fans raised £60,000 for CARD to use on a large variety of protest tactics. From plastic pigs, to advertising, to trips to Belgium, to a livery wrap for a taxi, that my mate so proudly drove to Belgium. Heroic, humbling efforts superbly marshalled and communicated by two individuals Brenda and Alan, backed up of course my many, many others.

The initiative, togetherness, communication and passion shown by these individuals a different world to which Roland Duchatelet attempted to dump Charlton in.

Many other groups such as ROT and B20 were self-funded, but of the £60,000 raised by CARD, just over £4,000 remains and will be donated to charities.

Thanks to all. Charlton until we die.

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  1. Roger Somerville #

    Well said and deserved credit to the organisers and innovators. Many have turned up just to watch games and sniffed at the actions of CARD to rid us of the ridiculous regime but I really believe those people did not have the club firmly in their veins. We could be heading for non-league status and extinction the way it was going. I have stood and sat round the whole ground since my father took me down there in 1950, aged 6 years, and now sit up in ‘the library’ so I know it takes a lot to rouse some parts of our crowd. Hopefully our new custodian will appreciate and use the true heart of this club to generate a true legacy that the most recent struggles deserve and our young supporters can be proud of as they celebrate every game now. RogerAddick

    December 5, 2019
  2. jpchickey #

    What an outstanding achievement, proud to be an Addick!

    December 5, 2019

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