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Hemed update: No update

Hello, anyone at home? The FA have passed the Tomer Hemed transfer decision onto the brains trust of the EFL, which may explain just about everything. Roland has probably asked them to buy him.

It’s a week today since Brighton and Charlton attempted to rush through the permanent move of Hemed, and still we wait on an answer to whether the transfer can go through, or not. A simple yes or no, but nothing is simple at those renowned decision makers, the EFL.

As I understand it Brighton agreed to cancel Hemed’s contract so he could sign on a permanent. There may have been a small fee involved, but the player, Brighton and Charlton are each very keen for the move to happen. In the meantime as Bowyer said Hemed is in no mans land, and is calling Steve Gallen three times a day. Farcical and very unfair on the player.

There was a story doing the rounds that the FA received the transfer documents at 36 seconds past 5pm. The deadline is 17.00, not 17.01 so not sure what the problem is, but no doubt the EFL will find one. Bowyer said we will appeal if the EFL eventually say no.

Hemed has been given the no. 25 shirt at Brighton, so must be on some week to week agreement on the south coast. He didn’t feature in the Albion’s opening win last week at Watford.

It is anticipated that both wing-back Alfie Doughty and Albie Morgan will go out on 6 month loan deals before the end of August.

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  1. Well they, the EFL have to justify their inflated salaries buy having a weeks worth of long expensive lunches to ‘debate’ it!

    August 15, 2019
  2. Shadow Play #

    The cynic in me thinks that we simply aren’t a big enough club for the EFL to find bother with, for other clubs they’d find some tippex and change the time on the fax.

    August 16, 2019

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