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Boro bid for Djiksteel

As we wait on more bodies being brought in by magicians Lee Bowyer and Steve Gallen there’s still no news on the agreement to contract extensions from Lyle Taylor and Anfernee Djiksteel.

Taylor, one has to pray is a formality, what with his influence in the acquisition of his mate Deji O, and the deal is just being negotiated with his much trusted agent. As for Djiksteel that negotiating is becoming tougher as Middlesbrough hover in the background. The club has apparently already resisted a derisory offer, but we all know as sure as eggs are eggs that the yellow toothed twunt will cash his own mother in for a few euros.

Middlesbrough under Bowyer’s old mucker Jonathan Woodgate are moving back to basics after throwing good money after bad and attempting to get back to the Premiership in a more sustainable but eye-catching way. Woodgate, like Bowyer was, is an unknown quantity, but he and Robbie Keane will have an eye for a player.

Djiksteel has had a steady as opposed to meteoric rise into the first team, but he started 24 league games last season and was an important regular towards to its happy conclusion. He is no Joe Gomez, or possibly Ezri Konsa but his adaptability makes him very good value as a squad player.

Of course at Charlton he has much more chance of being a regular, especially with Chris Solly expected to play even less games next season. His versatility along the back four or five and the ability to play in his favoured if rare midfield role gives Bowyer vital options.

Charlton have been good to the young Dutchman, and if it was a football decision I suspect it would be a simple answer, but if it is financial, then Waitrose will always come out over the corner shop.

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