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Beating heart

How we all doing?

My heart rate is a bit more normal, and I’ve spent a large chunk of the day trying to sort out tickets. Although I have dipped back into video clips of Friday. It’s like heroin. And there’s been a fair bit of singing. Just me, on my own, but my voice is a lot better.

Much thanks to various friends for the help with tickets and advice. I’ve spent a lot of the day on the CAFC tickets website, which is pretty easy to navigate, although better I’d think on a computer than an iPad.

Sales were clearly quieter today and estimates put tickets currently sold at around 19,000, with a crudely calculated 18,000 left. I expect a lot more activity tomorrow when they are opened up to all members and those that have already bought can go back.

Anyway, it’s still fine to dwell on Friday night. What a night it was. The Valley noise was unreal. Possibly the noisiest the old girl has ever been. All sides of the stadium. Flasks must have been tipping all over the place in the East Stand.

If nothing else after this season, I hope we can keep some of these young twenty somethings coming back. Like my son, born in the Premier League years, then disinterested and finally disenfranchised. Yet, like my son, still very much on the outside. It has been notable at the few games I’ve been to this season, including a couple away, how many younger fans there seems to be in our midst. There’s life in this old club yet.

And the pitch invasion was one for the books. Probably the best in our history. I was too young for 1975, and sadly our most recent efforts have been in despair. This by the way is brilliant:

That was not premature celebrating, that was a sheer coming together of an emotional kinship that this football club’s heart is beating again.

1947, 1987, 1998, 2019. We see more total eclipses. I wrote a little while ago that we are just one of eleven current league clubs that haven’t played at the new Wembley. Well thank you again Lee.

If Friday seemed a long day, hell knows how long this week will be. Wembley beckons, and we haven’t won anything yet, but we have a chance and that Addicks’ heartbeat is getting louder and louder.

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  1. LP #

    Oh CA. This is all tinged with such sadness for me. As they read out the team names on Friday I was thinking -he’s going, he’ll be sold, he’s on loan – and on it went. But then you get caught up in the drama and the emotion and the reality goes out the window for 90 minutes ++. And no contract for Bowyer or the others. Surely something can be done to stop this man destroying our club at such a time of hope. Whatever happens on Sunday will it matter?

    And just one real sadness at the end – that we didn’t get to celebrate with and thank the players – so if any of them read this I just want to say that you have no idea what it means and how I wish with all my heart we would have this team and management together for the start of the new season (with perhaps one exception) with a decent human being as an owner.

    May 20, 2019

    It’s 1.00 am. in Cyprus CA and I am crying watching this video but so proud of our manager players and our beloved club. Me and the wife will be at Wembley on Sunday. Feeling really nervous already but wouldn’t miss it for the world. With all your coming and goings back to the U.K. you must be knackered!!

    Rob and Diana Veasey Drouseia Cyprus.

    P.S. Your blog is the one I look for first…I love it.


    May 20, 2019
    • Thanks Rob. That is much appreciated it and makes how knackered I feel all the more worthwhile!

      See you at Wembley. COYA

      May 21, 2019

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