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Happy Easter everyone.

After a couple of days of fish cakes and hot cross buns, I think I might move onto the chocolate today. Bermudians like the sweet and savoury, and at this time of year it is cod fish cakes tucked inside a warm hot cross bun, slathered in mayo (another Bermuda staple) with a sprinkle of hot sauce. Try one, they are quite moorish.

The flying of kites is another Bermuda tradition. The more elaborately homemade the better. The flying of kites apparently began many years ago when a Sunday school teacher wanted students to understand Christ’s ascension, so he took the kids to a hilltop and launched a kite bearing the likeness of Jesus Christ.

The ones we saw on Good Friday were mostly birds, princesses and octopuses, but they are a great sight fluttering high over beaches, parks and gardens.

My Mum is here at the moment and joining in the fun and although not as hot as most of the UK, the weather here is just about perfect.

We are going to partake in another good fashioned Bermuda afternoon today. Out on a boat with friends. I might even dip my toe in the warming waters.

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