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Miami weekender

A quick weekend in Miami to meet the exhausted-other-half and our little Edwina the Eagle daughter after their week skiing in Colorado. Whilst I made the short hop across from Bermuda this morning, they had to suffer a midnight flight and a red-eye from Denver.

A pretty quiet weekend should ensue and a welcome break from work, which is currently relentless and unsympathetic to doing much else including sleeping through the bloody night.

We are staying in the Mandarin Oriental in the Brickell neighbourhood of Miami, which is fast becoming my new favourite area of the city. The reason we are staying there is because I won two free nights in a raffle. I can’t remember which one because like everyone else I get bombarded in the office at Christmas time from parents selling raffle tickets for their kid’s stupid schools. I refuse to do that for my own daughter’s school as they get enough of my money as it is.

Anyway, excuse the rant, I’ve just been watching Ricky Gervais’ After Life, which by the way is earth shatteringly brilliant, but it might explain my current mood.

Anyway I never win anything. I’ve done the lottery since it began and only ever won a tenner. The only things I ever win are in blind auctions, but that is hardly winning, that is simply drunken exuberance.

That is a lie though. Once I did win a Knack LP called My Sharona from the Look In magazine, Yes, I am old, and I know I only won because possibly four other people entered.

Anyway the Miami sky is blue, the sun is out and the bar is open. Enjoy your day, and watch After Life, it is extraordinary.

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