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Tangerine dreams

A wonderful day for Blackpool supporters yesterday. Four times the normal gate at Bloomfield Road as thousands and thousands of stay away fans ended their long excruciating and often depressing boycott.

A toxic owner / supporter relationship, which we know so much about began to come to an end when a High Court ruling in the middle of February put the football club into receivership, meaning that Owen Oyston had to pay former director Valeri Belokon the £25m he was owed.

Subsequently receivers were brought in and Oyston and his sister were removed from the board and a new board were appointed consisting of Michael Bolingbroke, and Blackpool fan Ian Currie. Fan representative Tim Fielding has also been included.

It is believed the Oyston family “illegitimately stripped” the club of £26.77m in salaries and other payments to their own companies, following Blackpool’s single 2010-11 season in the Premier League. They tumbled down the leagues soon after.

Blackpool and Charlton fans as recently as September jointly protested outside EFL offices in London and Preston. Yesterday was a great day for Blackpool supporters and all football fans. We count the days until we can celebrate as long, loudly and colourfully as our Tangerine friends.

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  1. LP #

    How wonderful. As was our game on Saturday -but any joy is quickly taken away when you think of the reality of the situation. We should be enjoying this end to the season and once again we are deprived of this by one stupid, stupid man. I watch the skill of Aribo and the passion of Williams not knowing if we will see them next season – or indeed any of them in the current team. And its been the same since that man arrived and started destroying my club with his constructive dismissal of Sir Chris. I wonder if we could appeal to Roly’s wife? He must be really difficult to live with with his condition but surely she knows how to handle him by now? Just get him to sell at a realistic price Mrs D – I’m sure you know many ways you can convince him it is a victory and he hasn’t shown himself up to the whole footballing world as a complete and utter t***. And its not like he is losing much is it – when its only 2% of his interests?

    March 11, 2019

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