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Fleetwood Town 1 Charlton Athletic 0

Depressingly predictable.

Compare and contrast how we all feel now to how we felt before the Peterborough game a week ago. Thanks for everything Roland.

It sounded poor today. I was very disappointed to see Bowyer start with just Hackett-Fairchild up top on his own. Especially with the 6ft 6 Harry Souttar making his debut on loan for them.

Our forward line issues speak for themselves, but Bow really needs to work out what to do in the middle. Lots of skillful players, some neat passers, but no cutting edge. A couple are also too similar and none of those starting today can be relied upon for goals. The team needs pace and width. Both Fosu and Marshall can still play a big part. Igor at least sounded lively when he came on. What would we give for him to come back and do the business?

Josh Parker came on for his debut, but Bauer getting sent off at the end was the final kick in the teeth after another odious week under Duchatelet.

We haven’t played well for 3 games though, plenty for Bowyer and Jacko to do this week, regroup both on the training field and in the motivational department.

Addicks at Highbury: Doctor Kish;
Bow: “We’re just going to have to forget and move on as quick as possible, and we will.”
Elsewhere: Luton are looking unstoppable after winning again, this time 3-0 at Shrewsbury. They are 6 points clear at the top. Sunderland beat Wimbledon 1-0, Barnsley beat Scunthorpe 2-0, Portsmouth and Doncaster drew 1-1 and Plymouth won at Peterborough.
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  1. rierti #

    I agree playing Hackett Fairchild up front on his own mystifies me. He needs a partner as he is good at little flicks and nudges in tight situations and good at chest lay offs. As you know I have followed CAFC for over 60 years and consider No9 to be the most difficult position in the team, to play an inexperienced youngster there without a supporting partner is baffling. Then post match to criticise him is wrong. Grant did not handle the task well last week until he was given HF as support.. As I said last week I would have put a physical presence up front like Bauer or Saar. I saw Vetokele play in the U23s on Tuesday, he looked weeks away from being ready for first team football. Parker to be fair may be better than some people expect as I thought he was Gills best player against us. He has been used as winger, midfielder and strike partner to Eaves so his goal to game ratio is misleading.

    February 2, 2019
  2. Thanks Roland

    February 2, 2019
  3. john west #

    1000 per cent agree with you and YES ME TOO nearly 6 decades of supporting Charlton.
    Wow what a stupid question to ask Bows whether he was give any of the transfer monies from the Grant money?
    Are we totally stupid or what? Don’t bother answering that one.
    We all very very angry indeed and yeah us supporters treated worse than shite.
    Oh and all those out of contract 13 is it not renewing their contracts and all the loanees again going back to their parent company.
    Same, same ole Charlton and thanks so much the original RAT and fearing, yet again this club is dying and nothing we can do.
    As a very very proud Candidate of the Wonderful Valley Party and worked as a volunteer groundsman under that Late great character Sir Maurice Banham in the 1960’s.
    I am not normally one to sing my praises and definately not like that.
    Then you have various media teams (certainly not all) at CAFC and Charlton Live and Pass teakms who basically have the same individuals on both and think they are the businessand bigger than the club.
    I would remind you all they condone linsulting and vicious personal remarks live on match day broadcast and block very very genuine supporters.
    Rotten to the core is CAFC and Bows and JJ will be off as well.
    Oh what a club and very very very angry,but are we really surprised.
    It is because we care so much. I am so very angry indeed as most of us are

    February 2, 2019
  4. john west #

    Rierti 1000 per cent agree with your post and the truth hurts and yes me too nearly 6 DECADES OF SUPPORT also.
    Oh what a stupid question to Bows “Did you get any of the Grant transfer money?
    Are we totally stupid or what?? Yet again us supporters treated like shite, so whats new there then NOTHING.

    February 2, 2019
  5. Shadow Play #

    We really missed Lyle Taylor and more specifically his link play. While it’s disappointing to lose realistically the play-offs are our best chance of promotion and I think we look like likely to make those and then we have to take our chances, crazily though it looks likely that two of the teams in those play-offs might be Pompey and Sunderland when recently they looked certs for automatic promotion. To be fair to Bowyer a lot of the stuff that’s going on is out of his hands and it seems that negotiations were advanced to bring in a striker on loan but either he or his club turned down the deal at the last minute. We really need Joe Aribo to get fit and for Fosu and Marshall to find some form and quickly.

    February 4, 2019
    • Agree with all of that SP.

      Fosu and Marshall finding form will be like having two new players 🤞

      February 4, 2019

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