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My 2018 Top Five Favourite Restaurants

Last one from last year. I like to explore, I like to travel, I like to eat.

I keep a list of the restaurants I visit, mostly away from Bermuda, and gee, last year was a difficult choice. It’s a little New York centric, but pride of place goes to an absolute gastronomical experience in my kinda town, Chicago. There were two or three great places that never made My Top Five Favourite Restaurants from 2018, but these ones did:

1. Next, Chicago
One of my chef heroes Grant Achatz opens and closes Next every four months and delivers a completely different experience every time. Next wasn’t just a restaurant, it was theatre. When I was there Grant was celebrating his lauded restaurant, Alinea, by re-envisioning it’s menu from 2005 to 2010. Some of the best mouthfuls of food I have ever tasted.

Website: Next

2. Nobu Miami and New York City
Not once but twice I got to delight in Nobu Matsuhisa’s mastery last year. In Miami and then in New York just before Christmas. Both were dramatic venues, and both had the most tantalizing of Japanese and Peruvian dishes.

Website: Nobu

3. Momofuku Noodle Bar, New York City
I went here twice too. It was so good. David Chang’s small East Village spot is always packed and brilliant. The food being the main actor, it was healthy, heavenly and reasonably priced.

Website: Momofuku Noodle Bar

4. Tasting Counter, Somerville, Massachusetts
This was a surprise treat. Tucked away just outside of Boston. An inventive multi-course tasting menu in a cozy location sat at a bar. Exquisite flavour combinations with good company.

Website: Tasting Counter

5. Del Posto, New York City
One of my faves. A glamourous place to be spoilt, and fed a feast. The Captain’s tasting menu was a challenge, but absolutely of the charts scrumptious. The best service, the most ridiculous wine list and cellar. I love it.

Website: Del Posto

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