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My 2018 Top Five Favourite Bermuda Things

Next on my personal Top Five’s from 2018 are right here on my doorstep. Bermuda is not the place to come for big restaurant openings, star-studded theatre, cool music concerts, cutting edge art shows or world class museums, it’s so much simplier here. The outdoors, the beach, the ocean.

I gave it some thought and these are My Top Five Favourite Bermuda Things from last year:

1. World Triathlon
Following the huge success of the 2017 Americas Cup, Bermuda became a much more desirable destination for sporting events, particularly those that involve the water. In April the island hosted the World Triathlon Series, which was superbly organized. Thousands lined Hamilton’s streets to witness just what a phenomenal athlete the Bermudian born Flora Duffy is, who won with ease.

2. Bolero Restaurant
My favourite restaurant on the island by far. So many of Bermuda’s best restaurants play it safe, and avoid unconformity. Not Jonny Roberts at Bolero where menu’s are continuingly involving. Inventive and delicious. Great staff too.

3. St George’s
The revitalization of the island’s first permanent settlement in 1612 has been a joy to see. For years this historic town was occupied mostly by ghosts, but with cruise ships now dropping in, a little investment and some imagination St George’s has been resuscitated. The Victoire Cafe is a little treat. Plus the new St Regis Hotel opens in 2021.

e88aff3d-2e74-40ae-b603-d82ece7a14ed4. Horseshoe Bay
We are so lucky to have this beach down the road from us. Horseshoe Bay (above) represents everything renowned about Bermuda’s incredible beaches. The striking translucent seas, it’s crashing waves, and pink carpet like sand. It’s the island’s most popular but we often get there very early in the morning and take breakfast and be one of the first to tip toe in the water that day.

5. Swimming
No, not me. I can just about doggie paddle to a pool bar. My daughter spends a big chunk of the week, mornings and evenings at either of the only two pools on the island. The Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association pool and at the impressive facilities at the National Stadium. We spend a lot of time watching, and ferrying her around and my appreciation of swimming as a sport, and the dedication of the coaches has given me a new admiration.

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