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St George’s

Very appropriate that I spent today in St George’s, the oldest continuously-inhabited English town in the New World and settled 407 years ago, and three years after Admiral Sir George Somers deliberately beached the ship Sea Venture onto Bermuda’s reef’s to avoid sinking.

Now UNESCO World Heritage site, the town of St George has slowly started to come back to life, helped by regular cruise ship visits, and a couple of good eateries. There was no ship in today but many, and mostly Japanese, visitors were walking around the town’s narrow and colourful streets.

It has a way before it becomes as beautiful as somewhere like Cinque Terre, but the pastel coloured hilly streets still ask to be explored and much work is being carried out on many of the large homes such as Whitehall, for years occupied by the town’s mayors.

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My 2018 Top Five Favourite Bermuda Things

Next on my personal Top Five’s from 2018 are right here on my doorstep. Bermuda is not the place to come for big restaurant openings, star-studded theatre, cool music concerts, cutting edge art shows or world class museums, it’s so much simplier here. The outdoors, the beach, the ocean.

I gave it some thought and these are My Top Five Favourite Bermuda Things from last year:

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Cup Match thrashing

Bermuda has just come off a four day weekend as the island celebrated Cup Match, a cricket match between what is considered the best players from the east (St Georges) and the island’s west end (Somerset). More officially the two day match is known on Thursday as Emancipation Day, marking the freedom of Bermuda’s slaves, and Friday is Somers Day, named in honour of Bermuda’s founder, Sir George. The second day was only granted a public holiday in 1999, 52 years after the Thursday was officially recognised – largely due to the massive popularity of the game and also the fact that no one actually showed up for work.

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Thin ice

A quick skip and a jump across the Atlantic to New York for two days for some work meetings with my boss and a few other fellows from across the continent. Short and sweet, and cold (photo), although not as cold in the Big Apple as it was this past weekend.

Bermuda weather has turned a little chilly as well, as it tends to in January for a month or two of what we nominally call winter.

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