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My 2018 Top Five Favourite Places

Time then for my annual self indulgence. I’ve always been a list and top of this or worst of that sort of bloke. My daughter is the same. What’s your top five she will say after a day out or when staring at the Christmas tree baubles. Anyway I will try to plough through a few of these this month, so apologies in advance.

First up is Places. My Top Five Favourite Places that I got to visit in 2018 are here:

1. Chicago
For those of you that are not regular readers, I left Chicago 10 (ten) years ago, which is frankly unfathomable to me. I still have many friends there, and kept my apartment, but sadly in recent years I’d not been back as much as I would have liked, but in 2018 I was there for almost a week, twice and I loved it. Genuinely one of the best cities on the planet.

2. Cartagena, Colombia
My only regret on my first visit to Colombia was that we didn’t explore more of this enigmatic country. Instead we settled in the north in historic Cartagena (below). It’s colourful and busy streets lined with wrought-iron balconies flowing with bougainvillea didn’t disappoint. History is well preserved within the old city surrounded by it’s famed 500-year old wall, ornate turrets and secret tunnels.

3. Las Vegas
They say that everyone should visit sin city at least once. I was there twice in a month in the summer. Not a place for someone with an addictive nature, but there is a lot to do in Vegas, anything and everything in fact. I like it because it is complete escapism, so long as you are able to escape when you are done.

EE1493AD-C251-4A04-A0C4-23E8F4297FB94. Chelsea, New York
Well that stretch that encompasses Chelsea, Meatpacking, West Village and Nomad. I was in and around there a few times last year, and got to really explore it. The High Line now ties all these neighborhoods together and there is a lot to see. Equally quaint, mellow, boisterous, cool and shabby. I’d like to live there. I would.

5. Stoke Newington, London
My bro lives here with his wife, and this year I got to get to know it a little on a couple of visits. When Daniel Defoe lived here it was in the country, and it still feels very villagey. Church Street and it’s surrounds are awash with great restaurants and pubs with Jewish, Quaker and Turkish communities contributing to the cuisine and culture. Less than 10 miles to The Valley as well.

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