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And again. Encore

A couple of days in the crazy place that is Las Vegas. I was last here just 6 weeks ago, and other than the temperature literally being half of what it was in August, nothing much else has changed.

I’m up early mostly due to the time difference but also because of the throb of the bass outside my hotel window as the Sunday night revellers party until the time when most normal people are on their commute to work.

Which is what I’m doing today, but yesterday was the laziest of days, which was a rare weekend treat, although it took a fair while to shake a hangover collected after a larger than anticipated Saturday night.

For those of you that have never witnessed a Saturday night in Vegas, it is a sight to be seen. The people watching is off the charts, and my sensory stimulation will take a while to recover. Certainly longer than my head.

Adding to the general Saturday night Vegas debauchery, and exhibitionists, whether that’s high rolling gamblers or undies-less ladies, the McGregor and Khabib fight and after fun and games was also here, and the strip was full of McGregor lookalikes and Irish flags.

I’ve seen a lot of things, but Sin City takes all of the biscuits. Anyway I’ll get back to my two cups of double espresso and work out when I can come back.

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