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Evil thief

Roland Duchatelet’s arrogance took on an even more evil turn today. Yesterday it came to light that the clubs’ administrative staff had been told that they would not be getting their promised “incentivised bonuses.” They were due 3 weeks ago and were told nothing of what had happened to them until they were informed by the HR department that they would not be forthcoming. Some poor sod in the HR department doing Duchatelet’s dirty work this time.

The club refused to comment until after employees received this email from Duchatelet this morning. Written or at least re-drafted by PR puppet Tom Rubashow, confirming that Duchatelet will renege on his bonus promises.

It seems that after lying to fans, players and various managers and coaches, Duchatelet has now taken to lying to staff. After overseeing a relegation hugely reducing income, alienating thousands of season ticket holders and regular supporters, paying a incompetent CEO a fortune, having one of the biggest agents bills outside of the EPL, spending fortunes on players recommended by a kid in Belgium, and burning through seven managers, apparently bad finances are those poor bastards who work for him’s fault.

My favourite bit of that email is this: “Should you have any queries or concerns, please raise to your line manager or HR.” I will repeat what I have said on here hundreds of times before. How an earth this man has made a penny in business is absolutely beyond me.

Later today the club’s Administrative staff hit back with an open letter to the owner. Good, they are not going to bow down to his bullying. His thieving. I’m hoping they plan legal action, a possible strike has been mentioned many times today.

CARD came out quickly with a statement and have planned a full scale protest on Saturday at The Valley before and during the game in support of the club’s loyal staff.

The story is all over the media with the Independent, Guardian, BBC online, BBC Radio and The Standard all carrying stories as well as many other sports websites and significantly the Belgian press as well.

The Labour MP for Greenwich and Woolwich Matthew Pennycook was also scathing:

For me, and many thousands of other Charlton fans, the feeling is just of anger and despair. Who the hell gave this charlatan, this thief, this deranged fool the right to do what he has to our football club?

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  1. Steve #

    Your man Michael Slater, aided and abetted by the venerable Mr Murray is the answer CA
    Duchatet is poison as far as CAFC are concerned but we’ve been on slippery slope since the day Dowie walked through the door
    Misery and depression – after 43 years I’ve had enough and can no longer face the slog round the m25 and down the m11. My eldest son and fellow addick is off to uni, my youngest is an ardent Watford fan, ashamed to say I’ll be spending my Saturday afternoons at vicarage road for the foreseeable, well done RD/RM, three generations if support in my family you’ve put and end to
    I can see Bowyer walking when reality bites/ the pay cheque bounces, does anyone honestly see anything other than a slide towards the basement with the Belgian thief at the helm
    So sad

    August 22, 2018
    • Kim Lewis #

      Well said and totally agree. Murray has a lot to answer for following his spat with Simon Jordan and it all went downhill from there!

      August 23, 2018
  2. Shadow Play #

    I’m pretty certain this is illegal – if you have proof that you were owed bonuses and the time period in which the bonuses relate to has expired (eg a financial year) then the bonuses should be paid regardless of any other considerations. Roland seems to be determined to wreck the club on his way out the door.

    August 23, 2018
  3. Hail to the thief!

    August 23, 2018

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