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Asset stripping

So where are we..

4 days left before we kick off at Sunderland, and we waved farewell to Josh Magennis today who signed for Bolton Wanderers. The fee is said to be £200,000, a severe haircut on the £500,000 offered to Duchatelet in January. Discounts for cash. The Belgian continues to dismantle our football club in front of our very eyes.

He asset stripped Standard Liege and he is asset stripping Charlton Athletic. Nicky Ajose is also been touted to anyone who has got a penny. Coventry City are interested but the cancerous owner thinks he can get more from overseas. Ajose will be gone by week’s end.

That leaves (Ahearne) Grant and Hackett-Fairchild up front on Saturday. The transfer deadline is Thursday week, but don’t worry we can still pick up everyone’s cast off’s and out of contract squad fillers until the end of the month.

Bowyer obviously doesn’t seem like he is jumping up and down at the prospect of Rohan Ince, Elliot Ward and Simon Dawkins. Unless RD needed to offload a salary first of course.

Meanwhile Patrick Bauer is staying. Kind off. Blackburn and Bolton have been turned down, Bauer has been offered a new contract, and the German is thinking about it. I’ve seen more concrete commitments. In Duchatelet we trust.

What happened to Tarique Fosu and Joe Aribo’s new contracts by the way?

Tarique Fosu’s hamstring didn’t make the miraculous recovery that Bowyer hinted at. Six weeks on the sidelines and without a full pre-season in him. Vetokele, Clarke and Reeves (without a pre-season in him for two years) all longer. Lyle Taylor will not feature on Saturday and we still only have one ‘keeper.

I was still a teenager with pimples when I realized that pre-season results meant diddly, but I like that Bowyer has continued to keep the spirit he nurtured when he took over, and I’m hoping that he and Jacko are building a siege mentality behind the depressing headlines. Curbs was brilliant at that.

Duchatelet kills our club cut by cut, but remember it will always be our club. COYR.

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  1. Sammy 61 #

    Assist stripping give it a rest … no one shed a tear over Magennis most people slagged him
    Off most of the season and he was one along with Ajose that Bowyer told Gallen , Murrey, Muir and RD he could do without … 4 to arrive before window shuts plus 1-2 loans

    July 31, 2018
  2. I partly blame the Australians (and other mystery buyer?). Every day, week, month, quarter, this group of chancers take to get their shit together, allows Roland the opportunity to do this. I would probably do the same.

    July 31, 2018
    • Tex77 – I have to say, the Aussies are not doing themselves any favours.

      July 31, 2018
    • Shadow Play #

      I’m glad someone else is having the same thoughts as me – the first rumours of their interest surfaced last October. What else is there to sort out? Surely they’ve done the DD and sorted out any issues that might have prevented them from buying the club. If they are interested they have a week to get their feet under the table before the transfer window closes, given the lack of depth in our squad they’ll be relying on the January window to bolster the squad – and that’s a lottery.

      July 31, 2018
  3. Robin Rapley #

    I said pretty much the same to Dr Kish last night but added Konsa at 2.57 mill half of his current true value!

    July 31, 2018
  4. Shadow Play #

    It’s disturbing that Josh has been allowed to leave before a replacement has arrived, especially if the reported transfer fee is so low. Given the injuries to other players I can see us not being able to fill the subs bench this weekend. At the moment I make it that we currently now have just 17 first teamers – with Reeves, Clarke, Vetokele and Dijksteel definitely out that means 13 first team players left (and this assumes that Fosu and Taylor make the bench at least), so we are going to be reliant on the Academy and maybe the odd loanee arriving just in time.

    July 31, 2018
    • But Bowyer said Taylor was signed as his replacement..

      But he’s injured and so is Fosu. So that leaves 11….. 😫

      July 31, 2018

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