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Bermuda World Triathlon Series

Following the huge success of last summer’s America Cup, Bermuda became much more desirable as a destination for sporting events, particularly those that involve the water.

This weekend the World Triathlon Series comes to Bermuda, the first of three years that the Island will feature in the international calendar. Undoubtedly world number one Fiona Duffy was one of the driving forces behind the International Triathlon Union’s (ITU) decision to move their elite athlete showcase here. Other locations on the 6 month calendar include Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Yokohama, Hamburg and Nottingham with the finale back in Australia’s Gold Coast where Fiona Duffy just won Commonwealth gold.

Hamilton has been a hive of activity this week, although in good Bermuda spirit everything seems a little last minute, but city looks great and tomorrow there are a whole range of activities concluding with the men and women’s elite race.

The 1,500m swim is out in the harbour, then the 40km bike race takes the athletes around town, including the ridiculously windy and steep Corkscrew Hill (photo), before the 10km run is raced along the harbour and expected to be watched by many thousands. The winners will cross the line on Front Street in around 2 hours.

50 men will take part in the men’s elite race and 30 in the women’s and tall skinny horribly fit looking people have been walking around town all week and it is said that athletes have come from as far as Israel, Australia, Czech Republic, China, Korea, New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan.

The festivities started last night with the opening ceremony. There was a kids race tonight as well as a fun run close to midnight. Nah, too late for me but I will be there tomorrow. Watching.

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