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My 2017 Top Five Favourite Hotel’s

The second of my belated 2017 Top Five’s is Hotels. I stayed in 26 different hotels last year, but after much back and forth I’ve chosen five, so please join me to test the bouncyness of the bed, the 500 thread sheets and copious amount of pillows that usually end up on the floor as I guide you through My 2017 Top Five Favourite Hotel’s:

1. 1 Hotel, South Beach, Miami
I fell in love with this place on an early year trip to South Beach last year. From the bar to the pool (photo) to the spacious and cool rooms, this hotel and it’s staff were fabulous. Where luxury meets sustainability. Mind you the secret is out because a year on the daily rate has doubled!

2. 1 Hotel, Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Not sure I’ve ever chosen two hotels before from the same stable in 1 and 2, but just steps away from the Brooklyn Bridge is this new eco-conscious and beautifully smelling hotel – walk in the lobby and smell for yourself, it’s a 1 Hotel thing. It was also a great base to explore Brooklyn and Manhattan from.

3. Christopher, St Barts
Beautifully set on a rocky promontory with panoramic oceans views and the sound of the surf. The 42 villa type rooms are embedded in a cliff and were gorgeous. Damaged by Hurricane Irma, Christopher is due to re-open this month.

4. The Ludlow, New York
A gritty red brick oasis down on the Lower East Side. Loft type rooms have the rare NYC addition of balconies and a view. Close to everything, this was a good little find.

5. Four Seasons, Orlando
The third time in my annual Top Five probably not due to it’s locale but because of it. Yes it is at Disney, but you’d never know it, and that is my attraction to it alongside the incredible family-friendly amenities, spacious rooms and great restaurants.

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