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Olympic marvel

I’m enjoying the Winter Olympics and the shear youth and exhilaration of it all. Although I view summer Olympians with massive admiration and reverence, I truly marvel at these young men and women hurtling down mountain sides and iced tunnels at break neck speed.

Pyeongchang, which looks a pretty awe-inspiring location for the Games, is 13 hours ahead of Bermuda but between NBC and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) we are keeping up with events even if I’m never sure whether we are watching them in real time or on repeat.

I’m hoping that GB manages to get at least one podium appearance, apparently Andrew Musgrave stands a good chance in the cross country skiing, then apparently there are high hopes for the women’s curling team and of course we have Addick and Team GB captain Lizzy Arnold in the skeleton.

Believe it or not but Bermuda has a competitor out in South Korea, one of 18 countries that has a solitary athlete at the Games. 36-year old Tucker Murphy, who sounds as if he should be in Grange Hill, is competing in his third Winter Olympics. Murphy was the man, if you saw it, that walked around the Opening Ceremony in a pair of red Bermuda shorts in negative late night temperatures.

Murphy is taking part in the cross country skiing, and although there is much pride in him on the island, hopes are on the very low side. He was placed 88th in Vancouver and 84th in Sochi, so a top 70 finish would be dream like for the bloke that trains at dawn running on Bermuda’s beaches with poles.

Murphy went to University at the famed Dartmouth College where he studied Biology before undergoing a master’s degree in zoology at Oxford. He is also an acclaimed triathlete.

No, I’m not jealous of him at all….

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  1. Nigel #

    I have to ask the obvious CA, where does he train?….

    pembury addick

    February 15, 2018
    • Well PA. It took a little research but he in facts spends most of the winter months in South Tyrol, an autonomous province in northern Italy. Apparently..

      February 15, 2018
  2. NIGEL #

    I’d have put my money on somewhere in the States!

    Pembury Addick

    February 15, 2018

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