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I don’t know what people expected from yesterday’s CAST meeting with Richard Murray, but it did instil us with more information and background and importantly final evidence that Duchatelet is going to the sell the club.

CAFC and CAST’s accounts of the 50-odd minute were very similar which is good, with February appearing the date that a transaction may happen.

Clearly Murray has no involvement in negotiations, as anticipated this is all Duchatelet, but the Belgian is relying on Murray to help ‘sell’ the club when parties get to the due diligence stage with two firm consortiums already in talks, with “one of them further ahead than the other.” The nature of due diligence will mean these have to stay confidential.

Sadly I’m unconvinced about what Murray had to say about Duchatelet’s penchant for a fire sale, particularly in regards to Ezri Konsa. Murray also said that Robinson wants to use any free wages to bring in two strikers.

Murray said he wasn’t involved in any bids, and that ex-directors with outstanding loans would be “accommodating” to anyone who wanted to make a deal.

CARD dropped their planned demonstration once Richard Murray reached out to CAST, although there were more audible ‘Roland Out’ chants at the game yesterday than others this season.

The dialogue is good though and hopefully it continues and also reminds Murray that we are a much stronger club and a more attractive proposition when everyone pulls together.

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  1. BC #

    To be fair we have a fire sale every transfer window. Lookman, Gomez etc etc. So this window is no different. Roland has asset stripped since he got here. If he could have got over his short term greed (and employed a competent CEO!), it could have all been so different.

    January 21, 2018

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