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Charlton Athletic 1 Oldham Athletic 0

3 points but..

Turgid performance by all accounts with a piece of excellence by new boy Stephy Mavididi the only difference between two awful teams. Holmes hit the bar in the 2nd minute and we scored in the 27th and were pretty comfortable at the break, but what happened at half-time?

The 2nd half we were pensive, unorganized, seemingly not understanding the formation with huge gaping holes between the midfield and Magennis, who sounded lost again. Marshall uninspiring, the back four panicked, and we can thank Amos for the clean sheet. Our first at The Valley since October!

The 2nd half sounded like our sole concentration was trying to cling on. He was very late with the subs, and where’s the attacking football Robinson talked off? He had four offence-minded players on the pitch but we couldn’t muster one worthwhile attack. I feel sorry for those that were there today.

Has Robinson given up the ghost? From early season promise, we are back on the downward spiral of nothingness. Desperate.

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Quote: “Today was a new low for me.” – my brother

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  1. Steve #

    CA don’t take this personally but where are the new owners CARD promised us were waiting in the wings?
    Last Jan there was some incomings albeit Lookman cashed in tbf, now the owner has been forced on his way there’s no budget I hope everyone’s happy – don’t blame the hapless manager, honesty and genuine passion ars admiral qualities imo – is there an alternative that could coach this threadbare squad to promotion do you think?

    January 6, 2018
    • Where did CARD promise new owners?

      Last January RD also sold Fox and offloaded 5 players on loan.

      Steve, you read these pages regularly and know I am a fan of KR. I don’t think there is a realistic alternative. I just wish he’ll get his finger out and get on with it. We are one point from the play-off’s but every time he opens his mouth at the moment it seems all about him.

      January 7, 2018
      • Steve #

        With the rug well and truely pulled from under him his public griping is more than understandable.
        I think you’re a bit harsh as genuinely reckon he’s admirably got the interests of the club at heart as well as his own which is the only thing giving me any faith currently.
        As each day ticks by, the prospect of our White Knight seems ever more distant, along with any hopes of salvaging a play off spot this season.
        I suppose my point CA re CARD is when you’re campaigning for change in the manner they did it would have been good if there was a viable alternative up the sleeve, maybe not promised but certainly what the masses were led to believe – we are where we are so here’s hoping but looks like bad to worse currently doesn’t it.

        January 9, 2018
  2. Tex #

    It looks like Roly wants prospective owners to not only pay the valuation of the club but also all the debt he has accumulated in the 4 years of financial mismanagement he has overseen. When you also consider we were in The Championship and now league one how can he justify figures of £40/50m? How long does he want to continue owning a business that he is not interested in and loses half a million a month? Perhaps this is his get out of jail card on ‘Roland doesn’t do failure’, if he sells for ~ 100% increase on £20m, his reputation in Roland world remains in tact.

    January 7, 2018

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