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Blackburn Rovers 2 Charlton Athletic 0

Falling badly..

Sadly a not unexpected defeat at Blackburn yesterday. Rovers with their sixth consecutive win and us now without a win in five and stuttering very badly. Goals are a problem and we haven’t kept a clean sheet since October. The game management of Kashi and the directness of Fosu (we have not won since he was injured) are badly missed and relied upon players such as Magennis and Holmes have fallen out of form. Robinson is stuck in his formation and frankly we have been worked out.

I think earlier in the season we also flattered to deceive. There was some good football and results, but goals were hard to come by and we had to rely on a couple of Holmes net busters for points. Our paper thin squad has been found wanting again.

Robinson says he has never been more sure about a transfer window. Excuse my cynicism but it is hard to believe it will be any different to all of the previous transfer windows under Duchatelet.

Wigan are now 13 points ahead and have a positive goal difference over us of +27. Shrewsbury keep going and Blackburn and Bradford are playing a different level to us. There’s a long way to go but the omens don’t look good.

Quote: “Billy’s injury doesn’t look good at all. We’re really worried about that. The medical team are worried about it.”

Addick Bloggers: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap.

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  1. As usual your comments are spot on and we have been stating the problems since pre- season but nothing has been done to address the problems at both ends of the pitch. We know who is the problem is!!!!
    All those on that tinpot they call it a “show PMSL on Charlton Live are oh so positive and yes the saying credit when credit is due and certainly some well deserve and stinging criticsm needed, but unfortnately lots of people do not like the truth and if different deem it to be personal !!!
    Pathetic “creatures” some (NOT ALL) media men who know it all and certainly about CAFC and only supported them in the last decade if one is lucky!!!

    December 18, 2017

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