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Will Grigg be on fire for the Addicks?

With apologies for stealing a Kyle-like headline. Rumours are all pointing to the fact that Karl Robinson has Will Grigg in his sights as a squad addition as he attempts to force home a striking addition before the transfer deadline. I’d take him for the song alone.

Grigg is not first choice at Wigan but two questions linger. One is will Wigan let him leave to a potential promotion rival? And if it is permanent, how much will he cost? 

Grigg scored 20+ goals in successive League One seasons for MK Dons, under Robinson of course, and then for Wigan. Both teams were promoted. 

We have started well and many commented that yesterday was our best performance for many a season. We have goals in midfield but we shouldn’t be relying on them nor imagining that Holmes, Reeves and JFC will go through a whole season without an injury. Kashi too, not that he will get many goals, but his pivotal role allows others to get forward and threaten offensively. For me Kashi is vital to a successful season. 

All good though, but the squad is low on numbers, and very youthful, but it might be enough if we can add a proven striker at this level. Question is will it be Grigg? 

Interestingly we all talk about 20-goal strikers, I do, but how many have there been in this division in the past few years? 

Last year Billy Sharp hit 30 for champions Sheffield United and James Vaughan scored 20 for struggling Bury. But that was it. There were 7 the season before including Grigg and Swindon’s Nicky Ajose. Promoted Barnsley had Sam Winnall. The year before that there were 5. Grigg was one and champion’s Preston had Joe Garner. Champions Wolves the season before didn’t have a 20-goal striker nor did Doncaster the season before that.

It’s not essential but it helps greatly, especially as it will relieve Magennis and Clarke, who has been an early season revelation, and our golascoring midfielders. 

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  1. Paul Horsfield #

    Will Grigg isn’t out of favour at Wigan, he is coming back from injury having not played a first team game since last March. I don’t think Wigan are looking to sell him as they have just sold two strikers, Billy McKay and Omar Bogle. If they were to sell him the fee would be no less than £3M, can Charlton afford that?

    August 20, 2017
    • Thanks for this Paul. Unlikely that our owner will pay anywhere near that.

      August 20, 2017
  2. You clearly have too much time on your hand. Will is just back from long term injury and has appeared in all league games so far at some point. Still with odd Begisn players and leave uninformed speculation elsewhere.

    August 20, 2017
    • Think I’ve hit a nerve in Wigan. You need to make time for spell check.

      August 20, 2017
      • Late night typing does that. You need to make time to check facts though. Much more important. Will should be fully fit by the time Wigan play Charlton, and Wigan are long overdue a win there. On current form they have a good chance of getting it.

        As for a nerve, smaller clubs get used to mindless speculation of larger clubs, but in this case Charlton are not larger, just more mismanaged. I am sure there is an unknown Stanard Liege pub player they will loan out.

        August 21, 2017
        • Sounds like Mr Griggs would be what they call a ‘marquee’ signing? Roland does not go in for that sort of thing, so i think we can assume that he will not be coming to us.

          As for the big club tag, we might once have had ambitions in that direction but we have more important things to worry about right now.

          Good luck to Wigan…see you at Wembley next May? Might be fun.

          August 21, 2017
        • Fair play bba80.

          We have never been a large club, but we are totally mismanaged. Good luck for the season.

          August 21, 2017
  3. Could come we do need this type of player to boost us…. Brussels ????

    August 21, 2017

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