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Christmas Eve

In the Karl Robinson house, but of course all football fans understand that analogy very well.

This is easily the most positive pre-season we have had in the Duchatelet-Meire era, not that it’s difficult, but keeping faith in Robinson was a positive. He is marmite of course and can’t stop talking, but one can’t fail to see his commitment to the club and his passion and energy. 

Words are easy, and actions do speak louder, but when we’ve been used to a complete lack of communication and when we were spoken to, we were given mostly lies, or we had head coaches not able to make any connection with fans whatsoever.

There is no doubt that Robinson has worked really hard since the end of last season. In changing a culture, in building a team spirit and his insistence that players buy into what our club is all about has to be music to our ears. 

Duchatelet allowing Robinson and his staff more ability to plan pre-season and operate mostly how he wanted to in the summer transfer market could only have come through sheer hard work and doggedness from the Scouser. The Irish tour appeared to build a good camaraderie. Fitness levels have to be the best they have since Powell left and in appointing Lee Bowyer and Johnnie Jackson, they bring a hunger to succeed and real authentic desire to make this club successful.

There has been some good acquisitions, some on paper, even better than that. Yes, we are of course short in some areas, and as it stands our reliance on Magennis and Holmes is concerning. We have a few injury prone players and many youngsters, but still Robinson has developed a very attack-minded squad which should be exciting to watch. Promotion has to be the sole ambition.

I can’t lie, I’m a little excited myself, but Robinson does need a good start, and we should back him and his players. Hopefully this season we can ignore the poison that still owns and manages our club, but on the field with a manager and a group of players we can believe in, we get a little bit of our Charlton back and something to cheer. 

Come on you reds. 

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  1. CECSE7 #

    August 6, 2017

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