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Would you hire a new employee without speaking to him?

“Charlton Athletic’s new striker Billy Clarke revealed he never met Karl Robinson prior to signing for the club – only having the briefest of chats (on the phone).” More

Just seems a little odd to me. No conversation on a vision, goals, objectives or what KR would demand of Clarke and the other way around.

Hello Billy, you alright?
Yeh, I can’t really hear you I’m at a wedding.
Oh, me too. Do you want to sign for me?
Yeh, go on then.
Where you working now?

I suppose if Thomas Drieson says it’s okay, then fair enough but hardly the due diligence that Curbs would do, or the preparation Powell made when he rebuilt his squad.

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  1. Honest Addick #

    Come on mate! Don’t turn every action into an anti regime comment! If you listen to Billy Clarke’s statement it is quite clear that he is a committed, motivated player who wanted to join the club. He played thru Bradfords entire play off campaign , his video suggests a clever, positive playing style with midfield energy. He fits Robinsons playing system. He knew Robinsons approach and due diligence would have been done long before signing as his contract was up. Let’s just give the team a chance this season rather than shooting ourselves in the foot before we start. We don’t have to support or like the regime but success on the field is the most likely thing to encourage a sale as it will support the owners asking price.

    June 12, 2017
    • Fair play HA. I still think it a little odd, but am probably reading too much into a few lines in an online news site.

      June 12, 2017
  2. rierti #

    Nothing that happens at CAFC surprises me anymore.As I said in previous reply to one of your blogs KR has no credibility for me.His actions don’t match his words How can CAFC mount a realistic challenge next season if things continue in this vein. The only hope is that 2 or 3 players emerge from the U23s and more than 3 top quality loan players are brought in.

    June 12, 2017
  3. Honest Addick #

    Patience please! Man Utd haven’t signed a single player yet! Plenty of time for deals to be done. Give KR a break- his enthusiasm and motor mouth get the better of him but I don’t doubt his commitment. With a few more experienced league one players will will have a decent squad with a full pre season on the new system. Have faith.

    June 12, 2017
  4. Nigel Reddick #

    Patience? Like last season, and the season before…Fans are making judgements and forecasts on the basis of Roland/Katrien’s track record to date, ie laughably bad. If the manager, who should be the most influential person a player should speak to before he commits, hasn’t spoken to him it’s not good practice or presages some changes. I think its a very good signing – but I now doubt Karl has the ability to motivate or organise players given the very bad run we had earlier this year. A shame really as I quite like the bloke and his passion.

    Pembury Addick

    June 12, 2017
  5. Mark #

    Honest Addick – if Charlton had the players that Man U have in spades we wouldn’t HAVE to enter into the transfer market. You are comparing chalk with cheese or, professionalism against amateurism….

    Megagob promised a number of players before he went on holiday – mmmm, so where are they? Here we are in mid-June and a total of…… player has been signed. The team are short of quality in several areas – unless they are filled with keen, skillful players then another season of dross will be upon us.

    The comments made above are not anti-regime as such – they merely reflect the position that many see with our own eyes…. you can put the fault of that where it truly lies, and that isn’t with the fans or the many managers that we have seen go through the Valley’s revolving managerial door. The fault clearly lies with….well, I won’t say it as I’ll no doubt be accused of being anti-regime!

    I really, really want to see a strong promotion campaign ignited at the Valley next season – but at the moment we remain closer to division 2 than we do the Championship….

    June 12, 2017

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