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Charlton Athletic 0 MK Dons 2

Running out of things to write to be honest. Whilst the tribute to fellow Addick PC Keith Palmer made one feel proud to be a Charlton fan the tripe dished up afterwards by Robinson and his players was nothing short of embarrassing.

Despite all the words, heartfelt undoubtably, from Robinson’s mouth before the game, once again despite the significance of the evening he was singularly unable to get the players up for what was a huge 3 points. Fortunately Port Vale are making hard work of their games in hand and Millwall did us a favour at Shrewsbury.

The team sheet looked balanced and strong before the game although in hindsight I do question why Robinson continues to perserve with the diamond formation. Within 7 minutes we were a goal down and lucky not to be further behind at the break. The 2nd half I didn’t listen to, and it was only when I checked my phone later in the evening to see umpteen texts from my brother, mostly unrepeatable, that I remembered we were still playing.

Karl Robinson’s record over the last two seasons has to be one of the worst among managers in the entire football league and his appointment is proving to be another in the litany of shocking decisions made by the owner and his gagged CEO.

The decison to sack Slade and brush aside Nugent looks even more crazed as we teeter with relegation to the 4th division under Robinson. I have said that we would pick up enough points to be safe but I am seriously wondering where the next win is coming from and that we will have to continue to rely on those below us not being capable of catching us.

Yet after Southend on Saturday our last four game are all against teams below us. In our own hands? Perhaps, but if only they were in the hands of Ollie Groome and Mick Everett and not the hapless Robinson and the spiritless players he has appeared to disenfranchised.

Finally, obviously Mr Duchatelet didn’t feel is worthy to attend a game to pay his respects to one of his customers who died so publicly and cruelly.

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  1. Tex #

    Starting to wonder if the players want Robinson sacked. We saw it at Cheslea last season and Leicester this.

    April 5, 2017

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