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Not Mickey Mouse

I’m in Orlando for our annual work Symposium, a regular bazaar of back to back meetings, break out sessions, early mornings and late night’s. We moved the whole shebang from Miami Beach to Orlando last year and it went so well we are back. Shame, because nothing beats a ‘work conference’ in South Beach but as my boss says less people got hurt and we didn’t lose anyone. So Orlando it is, in a different hotel a little bit nearer to the wonderful world(s) of Disney.

I mentioned that indoors and sure enough as it’s half term the other half and little ‘un are with me although splitting their week between Sarasota and Orlando.

I am pretty sure, unless I get completely lost late at night, that I won’t get anywhere near Mickey and friends but will be pretty much holed up in a large soulless room with space ship like chandeliers and industrial powered air conditioning vents.

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  1. CA I think you’ll find the industrial strength air conditioning is to keep the Brits awake during those interminable presentations ! Don’t forget your cardy!

    February 14, 2017

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