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Video nasty

Karl Robinson’s impassioned post transfer video appearance was odd. He should have probably counted to 100 before he started but evidently our Karl can’t resist a camera and a microphone.

So which player was he on about and what club was getting the full force of his anger?

Samir Carruthers and Ben Reeves were so obviously on Robinson’s transfer target list. He hardly kept that quiet. Secrets don’t seem to be one of the Liverpudlian’s strengths! Carruthers went to Sheffield United. Reeves contract is up in the summer and MK Dons went public and said he would go nowhere. Reeves to his credit has carried on playing without any fuss.

By common agreement the subject of Robinson’s rant was MK Dons and Reeves with the thought that Reeves had a recognized prize on his head and when we came calling it doubled. Happens every day but Robinson turning on the club that he has indubitably spoken off since he showed up in SE7 is strange to say the least.

I like Robinson’s passion but he does talk some shit. Charlton are hardly Barcelona and Reeves is not Messi, and the owner has just stuffed £12m in his cheap plastic wallet plus another £256,443 from the Euro’s. He almost hit the jackpot with a Carl Jenkinson sell-on as well.

Robinson’s real rant should be that we were once again unprepared for a transfer window under Duchatelet and Meire. I know Lookman was ready to go but whey weren’t replacements already lined up before it became common knowledge that the club has pocketed millions?

Why was the trip to Belgium by Robinson, Barker, Jacko and Meire not done in early December and not early January? And whilst Byrne and Forster Carsley were Robinson picks, I still question who picked DeSilva and Mavididi, who was linked to us in the summer.

And Karl, the most embarrassing and cringeworthy thing is that you have form as this transfer window rant. Watch this video from August when Robinson was at MK Dons. He was sacked two months later.

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  1. Keith #

    I am certainly not an apologist for Duchatelet but the longer things go on I realise that the totally inept and out of her depth Meire is the real reason for our clubs demise. Any half decent Chef Officer with a ha’porth of skill and self respect would find ways to work around and get the best from Rolands weird experiment. This recent transfer, our inability to achieve what we want and unpreparedness is a perfect example and all down to her poor planning, foresight and business acumen.

    February 3, 2017
    • Keith, you make a very good point. That it is the much disliked and largely inexperienced and inept Katrien who is doing all our negotiations means that we start from a position of weakness. Therefore, there’s little hope of success.

      February 3, 2017
  2. Phil, Keith – I think amongst Robinson’s rant there was a hidden despair of Meire. He said didn’t he that he had charged those upstairs to work now on the summer window. There has never been a strategy apart to cut corners, use network players when we can and sell our best young players. This not helped by the constant merry go round of managers.

    Our transfer dealings have been appalling. If they haven’t been network signings then Meire’s naivety must be there for all agents and other club CEO’s to see.

    Now of course we have the PR guys shoving her in a dark room not allowed to say anything. It’s hilarious. Truly the most unqualified, ineffective and damaging CEO I have ever known or witnessed.

    She must have photographs.

    February 3, 2017

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