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Charlton Athletic 2 Port Vale 0

The 426th man to take charge of a Charlton team under Roland Duchatelet actually did better than most of the previous caretaker managers and won 3 points today beating Port Vale 2-0 at another morgue like Valley. It was very much Russell Slade’s team, and it was interesting listening to Kevin Nugent on video after. For sure Slade had a positive influence on the back room, making it even more impetuous of Duchatelet to kick him to the kerb so suddenly. 

Like most caretakers Nugent made no play for the big job but expects to be in charge on Tuesday at Bristol Rovers, but not next Saturday at home to promotion chasers Sheffield United. Today ex-MK Dons manager Karl Robinson’s odds have dropped with the bookies. Frankly under him and her it could be Pep Guardiola or Peppa Pig, it wouldn’t really matter.

The first half with Morgan Fox shining was pretty good after a nervous start. I have never understood why the left back gets singled out for stick. There are plenty worse, and lesser triers who haven’t been at the club since they were teenagers. But it was great to see the two strikers score, thanks to excellent assists from Fox.

For a lot for the 2nd half we seemed content to sit deep, and let Vale have possession. Very Slade that. But we came out winners and that middle section of the league table remains very tight. 

Tuesday away at Bristol Rovers will be tough though, and a sign that if we can win, then this team might just be able to force their way into promotion contention. Perhaps with Nugent in charge? Come on stranger things have happened. 

Addick Bloggers at The Valley: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap

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  1. Bob Miller #

    I would just leave Nugent in charge and hope he can parlay some wins, as happened today. At the same time, I would hope Roland is entertaining some bids for the club and that something takes place sooner than later!

    November 20, 2016
  2. Did you read my article I wrote to Dr Kish before you wrote yours it paraphrased my contents uncannily close to yours. “Only kidding”
    Yes you are right to include Morgan Fox in yesterdays win over Port Vale. He does get a lot of stick although some of it justified. But at Valley yesterday he was a new player with his clinical assist.
    Yes these players are Slades which makes all the more weird way their performance was positive had many scratching their heads on the team spirit employed.
    The second half did show some of Slades play for we seem to suddenly sit very deep throughout this period which in the past this sort of play cost us dear.
    But thankfully we did enough in the first half to see of Port Vale.
    Bristol Rovers followed by on form Sheffield Utd should be very interesting. There is no reason with the right attitude and commitment shown at the Valley win way the Addicks should not come away with something in both games.

    November 20, 2016
  3. Are we to congratulate the owner after yesterday’s welcome three points? Perhaps he has inadvertently stumbled on a novel approach?-what I will call the ‘NO manager bounce’. Heaven help us before it is too late..

    November 20, 2016
  4. Brian Cowan #

    “Inpestuous” ? It sounds like it should be a word, a cross between “impetuous” and “tempestuous”. Perhaps it is a neologism that can exclusively be used to describe Roland’s actions.

    November 20, 2016
    • Ha. Thanks Brian. Clearly my iPad predictive text hadn’t a clue which word I was searching for 😀

      November 20, 2016
  5. a2c #

    Yeah well Nugent as made a good start n iss a good win for the players, owners,
    n fans who go so support all of them dahn our gaff.

    November 20, 2016
    • a2c do I detect a slight weariness even in your tone here. Even you must surely be getting a little fed up with the ludicrous hiring and firing anti-strategy of the owner. Come on admit it.

      November 20, 2016
  6. Sounds like Nugent doesn’t even want the job CA and who can blame him. Next one please Mr D. Perhaps he could be lured to SE7 with a deal that included a free Santa outfit. He could always put it on e-bay once he also gone through the revolving door come January. Nightmeire stuff, it really is.

    November 20, 2016

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