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The skipper

A penny for Johnnie Jackson’s thoughts this week. I know they say that in the modern game that players don’t get too attached to managers, but Jacko and Solly must be wondering what an earth is happening to the club they have shown so much loyalty to.

Jacko is the most respected and loved Charlton player of a generation, yet this is not proving a banner season for the skipper. Saturday painstakingly showed the skipper up for someone that is teetering on the end of his career. Definitely he can no longer do a job out wide, in the middle, more so in a five, he can at least mix it up, break up play and get his foot in.

Also let us not forget that he is second top scorer, which should embarrass every midfielder and striker at the club, other than Ade Lookman.

His booking on Saturday was not just a man frustrated by an inept performance by the team he leads, but of a season full of frustrations. He knows better than anyone on the playing side the turmoil this club is in, and he’s right in the middle of it and is unable to affect it, save for being the occasional human shield for the CEO.

As fans we look to Jacko as a beacon of light, as a memory of much, much better days, and as someone that gives a shit.

It must seem light years away from the days when he, Michael Morrison and Lawrie Wilson used to drive into ‘work’ together to be met by Chris Powell and Alex Dyer at Sparrows Lane. 14 coaches of differing titles have taken training since Duchatelet forced out Chris Powell and Alex Dyer. What does Jacko, himself doing his coaching badges, really think about that?

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  1. Mark #

    CA – my guess is that Jacko probably feels the same as most of us…. complete and utter total despair.

    He knows more than anyone at the club what has been lost – no, make that thrown away – since Sir Chris’s record breaking promotion season a mere year before the Wallies from Walloon first appeared in SE7.

    Mistake after mistake repeated over and over again with the club being managed on a daily basis by an under – qualified Bimbo and players brought in by a 20 something computer nerd. It’s so surreal that no fiction writer could ever make it up.

    No manager, or even a current player wanting to make the step up, with any sense of self – respect would now touch our once great club with a barge – pole. We are a toxic brand, just like Blackpool and I seriously fear that we’ll be joining them in div 2 next season.

    Jacko is in a position to make a difference but he has 2 things against him…. his age and the regime. His frustration at both is now being seen on the pitch, his next card will probably be red but what good would that do to an already depleted team?

    God help Charlton Athletic – and even He wouldn’t take on the club with Duchatelet in charge….. Now, if He had a spare thunderbolt hanging around over a certain part of Belgium He could make a difference…. for that’s what it’s going to take to rid the club of the plague within. Jacko can’t do it on his own.

    November 18, 2016
  2. Taking emotion out of the issue Jacko is probably thinking that he has now got to think of the future and maintain his standard of living for himself and his family,and I suspect it wont be anywhere near The Valley,I would hate to see a man of his integrity given the Duchamiere treatment,we have already seen it with Sir Chris..So here we are 2016 comming to end,one division lower,3 or 4 more managers sacked,bottom half of the league,two best attackers injured,another 6000 supporters gone,imminent sale of another of our young prospects,still the good news is Charlton were the subject of a question on Mastermind last night and Ms Miere has been promoted to the FA Council so its not all doom and gloom.

    November 19, 2016
  3. LP #

    Just heard The Last Post being practised at The Valley – if only it was for this disgusting regime.

    November 19, 2016

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