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Charlton Athletic 3 Coventry City 0

For me trying to follow the game remotely, the game and therefore the result was a little secondary on Saturday. Greater forces of importance were at play yesterday afternoon in a wonderful coming together of two sets of supporters. Coventry fans take a bow and I really hope you rid yourselves of the imposters that have somehow got themselves to be leaders of your famous club’s future. 

As for us, the result, a much needed 3 points, showed again that there is no correlation between full scale protests and the team’s performance on the pitch, in fact to the contrary if anything, it has been a spark provided by fans to give the team a platform to actually show us what they can do. 

The first half, a cracker of a goal by Ricky Holmes aside, was pretty uneventful on the pitch accept for the arrival of 3,000 pink pigs thrown on by Addicks and Sky Blues’ fans just after kick off to remind our respective owners that pigs are more likely to fly than they give two snorts about the future of our historic football clubs.

It was quite a statement and it caught the imagination of much of the printed, television and social media. The joint march on the ground before, the pigs on the pitch, and the continual anti regime chanting from both sets of supporters throughout game was a reminder again that those with the club in their hearts will overcome heartless and careless mismanagement.

A penny for Ms Meire’s thoughts as she sat among thousands of Addicks in the west stand, surrounded by security and a couple of hangers on with a smirk up to her eyeballs but the most mistrusted and disliked person in the stadium.

Some Addicks have called for more strong arm protests, of course any individual can do what they so please, but I thought CARD got this return to protests just right. In fact supporters have grabbed the moral high ground after Meire’s mob of heavies manhandled and confronted fans outside the main entrance after the game.

One young lad holding a North Korea flag was assaulted and the club nor the media will not hear the last of this. In fact if Meire, her cronies and their rent a mob want to go more toe to toe in an inflamed approach, then good luck. In the meantime we should now not cease in our efforts, subtle or otherwise, to keep nibbling away at her and her remote boss.

I have absolutely no doubt that we will rid ourselves of these charlatans. As will Coventry.

Back to the game, the 2nd half actually saw us complete a nice victory, although that may have been very different if it wasn’t for Rudd. But Lookman and the impressive Magennis sugar coated the win with a goal each. 3 points, and 3,000 pigs on the pitch and one very effective point made of it.

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  1. Andy #

    I don’t think all these protests are particularly helpful and must adversely affect player moral. Some terrible decisions have been made since RD took over the club, but let’s look at where the club was when he took over -on the verge of bankruptcy. Recent decisions have shown that he has learnt some lessons i.e British manager and British players. One thing remains outstanding for me though; we need a new CEO. I don’t see how you can preside over such failure and still keep your job.

    One final point, who would want to buy a club that is losing millions each week and would they be prepared to throw in the extra millions required to get us to the top half of the Championship.

    October 17, 2016
    • Hungry Ted #

      In response to Andy, I think we can put the ‘adversely affect player’ line to bed now. Yet again, many of those players on social media come out post match in support of the fans and general atmosphere and Chris Solly went one step further, joking about the need to bring pigs to every game if it gets the same result.

      Yet again, Charlton actually win following major protest action. I appreciate that doesn’t fit the narrative of the anti-protestors (I’m not suggesting Andy is that), but the facts speak for themselves. Poor old Sue Parkes will be devastated…

      Other than this, Andy does make some good points, especially on Meire. I’ve said many times that her departure from our club is the priority. For a great many her position is completely untenable and will never be recoverable, such is the damage done. If RD wanted (wanted being the operative word) to change he needs to replace her. The fact he hasn’t highlights why the protests MUST continue.

      October 17, 2016
    • I agree 100% with everything Andy has said. I would go further to say I am just as fed up with the protesting as I am with the performances over the last few seasons. I am of the view that the protesting has gone too far to the extent it is also damaging the club. The atmosphere is so bad and with circumstances as they are, Charlton are hardly likely to attact new and future generations of younger supporters. I think the players put a brave face on all of the protesting. However, it can’t really help. If you were a player who had choices of joining a new club – with everything else being equal – it can’t be helpful to attact players. You and CARD cannot say that RD and KM have ignored what has been going on – it is shame they didn’t act more promptly sooner. Andy mentions the point they have obviously worked hard to change things with an English manager and UK based players. It is still too early to judge our season and I am certainly of the view that if all the fans are together in just concentrating on supporting the team. I also feel CARD in not taking up the offer to meet with KM is very dissappointing. Particularly when considering one of the major criticisms is about the lack of communication! it all seems very childish on their part. I would add that I agree that KM has been found to be totally out of her depth – the influx of poor players, poor managers, poor communications etc. I agree with all of that. I doubt very much she will go – we have unfortunately been on the receiving end of her “work experience”. However, there is progress in putting things right and everyone who is a Charlton fan should now just get behind the team. If people think there is a potential buyer that will pump in multi-millions if RD decides to sell. Then I think they are just deluded. Before RD turned up there was not a queue offering to buy us off of the last owners and as Andy said we were bankrupt.

      October 18, 2016
  2. Jh #

    If the protests inspire the team to lift their performance on the pitch as I feel that they probably did on Saturday – then great!! keep protesting and hopefully we will start climbing up the league.

    October 17, 2016

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