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Hurricane Nicole – Thurs am

Rain is swirling outside like a Catherine Wheel firework as gusts of wind are now close to 100 mph with the eye still two hours away but with the wall of the eye just approaching us now.

Nicole’s eye is 50 miles wide, which is twice the size of the island, which will mean a very surreal experience when it moves over us. The weather nerd in me is looking for way to seeing that in about 90 minutes.

This morning Nicole moved to a CAT 4 hurricane but has now moved back to a CAT 3, but will still be stronger than anyone predicted with wind intensity at 125 mph, a very strong CAT 3. Hurricane force winds are expected to sit on us for two hours and then Topical Storm winds for another two hours. We should be in the clear by late evening.

Literally as I write this a tree has snapped in half and the top half has landed on our patio. We are hunkered down with the bathroom said to be the safest place in the house, yet ours are upstairs so not so sure that is a spiffing idea!

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  1. Peter #

    Echoing my comment from earlier – stay safe you lot. The news this morning did mention that the eye was due to cover the whole of Bermuda. Have you got a kite?

    October 13, 2016
    • Just been outside walking around under the eye. Very surreal. The waves by us are massive and the sun is trying to come out but we know behind us is the second half of it.

      October 13, 2016
  2. Keith #

    Hope you can keep safe. Fascinating though hearing first hand about Nicole

    October 13, 2016

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