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Hurricane Nicole – Thurs night

Outside the rattling of the windows has been replaced by the lullaby of the tree frogs as Nicole moves away from us and although the island is still under storm watch, driving around tonight you’d never know this place got battered all day by 125 mph winds. Bermuda really is a resilient little country.

Where we live the back end of the storm after the eye passed over around midday was no where near as bad as the first lashing we got. The east end of the island nearer the airport, Hamilton Parish and St George’s if you know it appeared to fare far worst. I think the airport and the causeway connecting it to the rest of the island sustained damage.
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Hurricane Nicole – Thurs am

Rain is swirling outside like a Catherine Wheel firework as gusts of wind are now close to 100 mph with the eye still two hours away but with the wall of the eye just approaching us now.

Nicole’s eye is 50 miles wide, which is twice the size of the island, which will mean a very surreal experience when it moves over us. The weather nerd in me is looking for way to seeing that in about 90 minutes.
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Hurricane Nicole

The worst hurricane to hit Bermuda since Fabian in 2003, which claimed 4 lives, sits just 200 miles outside of my window tonight. Nicole is currently a CAT 3 with sustained winds of 115 mph and will give the island a direct hit around tomorrow lunchtime, only the 4th direct hit since 1950.
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