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Marching on together 

I’m stuck in Texas unable to get to Miami due to Hurricane Matthew, so I’m catching up with the Charlton news and I see that with 9 days to go until the Coventry protest match, Ms Meire has offered to meet CARD next week in an obvious PR effort to stem fan’s disposition to join the likely huge protests. Before CARD could respond Meire with the help of PR firm Pitch leaked the club’s offer to the media.

And CARD’s response was superb. A firm, detailed and exceptionally passionate response that can be read here.

“You had two years to talk and you declined to do so. Now it is time for you to go” is pretty unrelenting way to sign off. Nothing from Meire of course.

Earlier in the week CARD encouraged fans to use the Lower West seats at the Coventry game to get up close to Meire and make the afternoon as uncomfortable as is lawfully possible.

Coventy expect to bring a large contingent and Sky Blues’ fans have their own very important and irrefutable reasons to protest against their owners. Supporter’s group Fight The Jimmy Hill Way Alliance comprises a number of protest groups and are trying to force owners SISU to leave the club. Both sets of supporters will march together to the stadium before the match and a whole range of protest activities are being organized for during the game.

I’ll leave it there but I recommend two excellently written Blog pieces that cover this story perfectly. Hungry Ted and Blackheath Addick. Nail on head guys.

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