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Dark n’ stormy

May 24th is Bermuda Day here, a public holiday that kicks off the summer and the date that Bermudians jump in the ocean for the first time of the year, crank up their barbeques and dig out the Bermuda shorts. Except, sat here in my kitchen at this time the rain is slashing it down outside and I will need a sou’wester and not my shorts if we are to brave it to go outside.

We were hoping to walk up the road and catch the runners in the annual Bermuda ‘Derby’, a half marathon that is in it’s 117th year and starts in Somerset and ends in the capital, Hamilton. This is followed by a full blown parade where families have all week been staking their places along the side of the road by adding tape with their names on the kerb. I hope the tape is waterproof. Colourful floats and loud music accompanies the celebrations.

The run we will make a wet dash for but the parade will have to go on without us as I’m taking the family out to lunch later to sample that other age old Bermuda tradition, the dark n’ stormy!

Happy Bermuda Day.

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  1. Mark #

    ahhh the Dark & Stormy CA…. I remember it well from the days when I was employed by a famous (or should that be infamous…) national airline and enjoyed many a stopover in Bermuda – at the old ‘upside down’ Holiday Inn at St Georges, which I believe has now gone (err the Holiday Inn, not St Georges!!). We used to drink at the nearby police club – it was a l o n g drag up the hill back to the hotel at chucking out time after a few Dark & Stormies…

    Hope you had a great day yesterday and that the head is slowly clearing today……

    May 25, 2016
    • thanks Mark. Yep, the Holiday Inn is still a hole in the ground.

      May 26, 2016
  2. Ooooooh! How I love a Dark and Stormy! I first had them just recently in Bermuda! YUM!

    May 25, 2016

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