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Total control

That is what Chris Wilder has demanded from Roland Duchatelet as he and Alan Knill discuss contract terms with Charlton to be their 7th manager/head coach in just over two years. Today both clubs announced that permission had been given to Wilder and his assistant Alan Knill to open discussions, although it is thought that Wilder at least had a conversation with the Belgian owner last week. 

Compensation on the year Wilder and Knill’s contract has to run has been agreed and those contracts have break clauses in them allowing a move. Wilder and Knill are the archetypical journeymen football people. Good people, but neither would be more than comfortable financially and they will feel they deserve their opportunity following recent success at Northampton and, for Wilder anyway, Oxford United. I don’t begrudge it them at all. 

Wilder doesn’t come across as naive, but he might be impulsive and wide-eyed. Roland has a persuasive Flemish tongue but what comes out of his mouth is either poppycock or unsubstantiated promises. Just ask Chris Powell or Jose Riga or Mercia Rednic. 

Wilder has never managed above League Two and the temptation to move to a club of Charlton’s stature is too good to turn down. We as Addicks should be pleased that the club are prepared to headhunt men who’s star is high. Historically as a club we have rarely ‘nicked’ other club’s managers, and from what we have lived these past two and a bit years, this is a huge departure. 

And I am deeply suspicious. 

How men known to Duchatelet or even his favourite puppet Meire could not get him to change his single-minded dictate, yet Wilder, who Duchatelet would never, ever have heard off until last week, is able to convince him otherwise is beyond derision. 

Of course there is a small chance that suddenly the man who never planned for relegation and doesn’t do failure might have opened his mind to a different, more judicious path. Personally I don’t think a 69-year old ideologist can change his spots.

There’s one other little road bump. Wilder and Knill tomorrow will have to sit down with Katrien Meire to negotiate a contract. Chris, Alan, look into those eyes and you will see dishonesty as big as a bed sheet. From Kelvin Thomas to Pinocchio. Good luck. 

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  1. Chris #

    Count your fingers after you’ve talked to the CEO !!!

    May 10, 2016
  2. Andy Thomas #

    Even someone as stubborn and arrogant as Duchatelet must see that his experiment has failed miserably. For a man that I imagine is extremely reticent to admit failure perhaps the best way to save face is to employ a decent manager and give him the financial backing and independence he need to get Charlton out of this mess and.back in the Championship. He can then sell Charlton on and claim success.

    May 10, 2016
  3. Total control ?…yeah right.. until the new Manager wants some money.

    May 10, 2016
  4. Mark #

    I can’t help but think that this will all end in tears……
    Chris, take off any jewellery before you shake hands with whoever you meet at the Valley – and also count your fingers afterwards…

    I’d like to think that RD & KM have had a complete change of heart, perspective and modus operendi. ….but I honestly think that there is a total lack of humility there which makes such a change so very unlikely.

    IF you do come Chris I wish you well and hope you get the Addicks back where they belong – but for your own sake get every part of your contract written down & get your brief to read every word very carefully.
    Oh yes, and welcome to the SE7 looney bin!

    May 10, 2016
  5. Peter Cordwell #


    May 11, 2016
  6. Its OK, he has seen what he would be letting himself in for. He’s sensibly realised what ‘assurances’ from this regime are worth. The ‘Ambition’ is empty rhetoric – as it always has been with this mob.They are only trying to con customers into buying season tickets.

    May 11, 2016

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