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Good riddance

The last miserly game of a torrid and destructive football season. Not one Addick will shed a tear when the curtain falls tomorrow afternoon. Burnley fans will be in celebratory mood whilst Charlton fans mischievous and angry. 

CARD have been a little bit low key this week allowing the buzz around what may happen on Saturday fill the space and pose questions. I know however there is a lot planned for the watching Sky TV cameras making life once again uncomfortable for Ms Meire, the self-titled Senior Management Team (sic) and that oaf of an owner Roland Duchatelet, up a little bit earlier than normal from his coffin to get his weekly football fix via a dodgy internet feed.

The club have hired an additional 100 security staff, plus the game will be extra policed and CARD will begin to make their lives difficult by occupying the whole concourse in front of the ticket office, main reception and VIP entrances from 11am. It is also expected that old season tickets and cards won’t be the only thing that find themselves on the pitch. 

It will be a long day and I have many mates and family going but the game will sadly be secondary. For me I can’t remember the last time I was not at the final game of the season, but not this time, even though I would like to be there in solidarity with fellow Addicks. Please give them hell.

Jose Riga will leave the club after tomorrow. Jose has been the more acceptable face of this toxic network, but he is completely rudderless and not qualified for League One football. I question his self-respect too, but I don’t expect Meire will be throwing those ‘JR’ training tops out just yet. Well, you never know do you?

We can look more into future head coaches after the noise of tomorrow passes. There is much talk of a change of direction in terms of player acquisition and management. At the end of the day if the core of the apple is rotten and maggot infested, however shined and buffed that apple is, it will still taste repugnant.

Finally, the very best of luck to Brighton tomorrow. 

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  1. Bob Miller #

    If the pound sterling flow continues to diminish through a massive drop in season ticket sales, sponsor withdrawals, low merchandise sales and the rest, even a stubborn, arrogant jerk such as Duchatelet will have to eventually pull the plug. Hope reigns supreme!

    May 6, 2016
  2. You sound very bitter and rightly so. Best part of the season has not been about football but how to dethrone our insane owner. Has it really been worth getting ourselves all worked up when it is clear our main objective was to remove the cancer that has spread throughout this club, which has now become in incurably. Next season will test the water in how smooth the ride across its surface will be to reach were we belong but I personally don’t give much hope

    May 7, 2016

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